Help! I live in Japan! *Storing Tips Needed*

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  1. Hello, I live in Japan and I have a few Loubs and I have no idea how to store them. They don't have centralized air conditioning here. They just have these wall units that cannot be kept on at all times.

    It gets quite cold in the winter. Should I keep my Loubs in my living/bed room where I keep the AC and hummidifier on when I'm home during the winter and the AC and air purifier on when I'm home in the summer. Or should I just leave it in my spare room that I don't use at all. I'm just scared the EXTREMELY cold temperatures *winter* or the heat and humidity *summer* in that room due to lack of central air will ruin my shoes.

    I really need help & suggestions! Hehe :P
  2. I live in Tokyo Japan and I keep all my shoes in their original boxes in the cabinet next to my entrance and never had any problems whatsoever. The ones that do not fit into the cabinet are stacked up against my wall in the living room hahaha!!!

    I just make sure when I get home, I wipe the insoles with non-alcoholic wet tissues (I wear my Loubies bare-footed no matter how cold it is), clean the outside, leave them to dry for a day and a half or two and put them back in the box.
  3. Another thing that helps, if they're not light in color, keep them in the shoe bags. If they're light colored shoes and you worry about possible bleeding from the shoe bags, store them in pillow cases (I've been using my white prada shoe bags) and then store them inside the boxes. Avoid places of moisture but don't keep them in super dry conditions either. Obviously avoid sunlight. Be careful of the rain seasons as the apartments can get quite damp depending on the building conditions etc. These are just the general rules but if you need more information I'll try my best to help.