HELP!! I know I'm tragic but I've fallen in lust with a Dooney & Bourke carry-on....

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  1. :love:.....I know I'm tragic.....but I'm seriously suffering here! The DB that I lust is kinda a travel satchel for the many trips I have to take. My present 'sac', has seen better days and I lost a very important eBay bid today....not because I wasn't on the ball...but because technology failed me, at a critical point! :true:

    To add insult to injury, it seems many of the sellers of something at least, to consider that there IS life....south of the equator!'s my dummy-spit and I'll cry if I want to!

    (snivel, snivel, cough, choke.)
  2. Sorry you missed out on this one, I hate when that happens! But, maybe there's an even better one coming up, and that will make up for it.
  3. lol....oh Mel....I so love to hate positve people!!! I've been telling myself this all afternoon, with no real success (sigh.)

    Once more into the breach!!!

  4. I feel your pain about losing an auction due to tech failure (though I am admittedly jealous that you live in Australia!!) But as I say about many things in life, things work out the way they're supposed to. So, there's a reason for this....hopefully because there'll be another auction or another bag that you like better (in which case you'll be glad you didn't win)!
  5. Another one will come up for auction, patience is the key here, I know that very well.

    And lucky you--we Northern Hemispheres are losing our summer and you are getting it!