HELP! I just won a chanel on ebay, and...

  1. Hi, ladys, i don't know if it is the right place to post this for help, but i won a chanel on eBay yesterday, and today the seller told me that there's a problem with her paypal acct, and she is not able to accept payment at this time, so she asked me if i can pay her thru internalal money order or direct bank transfer, and she will pay for the fees and give me free shipping. But, it kind of sounds suspicious to me, what do u think? please give me some advises. i know i can't get my money back if the bag turns out to be fake if i didn't pay with paypal, am i right?
  2. Hello
    This post might need to be moved to the eBay forum.

    If I was you, I wouldnt touch this with a bargepole...... as you are right, you are not covered by eBay if you pay outside of paypal. Is the problem with her paypal account temporary? I would tell her that you dont mind waiting until her paypal account gets sorted.

    If she listed paypal in her listing, then you should stick with your guns and say you only want to pay by paypal. If she still wont budge, then if I was you, I wouldnt pay and agree to mutually withdraw from the sale.

    Hope you get this sorted.
  3. Post your question and the auction link in the Authentication thread and we'll try to help out.
  4. nope I would be hesitant... How good is her feedback, is it a reputable seller.
    Stick with paypal and only use your credit card this has potential risk. KWIM
    Hint hint- whats the problem with the paypal account-- is she in the negative...
  5. I wouldn't even consider it for the amount you are paying. But that's just me... I'm all for ebay, but in this case I'd much rather spend more at the boutique and have peace of mind.
  6. Plus, if the story is true, why can't she just wait until paypal sorts itself out?
  7. she said she doesn't know what's wrong either, but her feedback is pretty good.
  8. I am thinking the same too...

  9. thank you so much for ur help, i'll probably consider withdrawn the sale if this is not sorted.
  10. Always go with your gut instinct as that is usually right.
  11. You are paying good money and you want to be able to protect yourself incase something goes wrong. I hear so many good stories and so many bad stories.
  12. hope it will not be a bad story for me.
  13. :yes:
  14. Seller indicated that she accepts paypal.... If I were you, I would ONLY pay through paypal, so you can protect yourself. When you send her the bank wire or cashier's check, there is nothing you will be able to do, in the event that she will send you fake or nothing at all!!! I had very similar experience, and the seller asked me to pay via wire transfer - I refused. She then went on to sell it to the next highest bidder. About a week later that unlucky individual contacted me to see if I happen to know that seller's address or phone, because the bag turned out to be fake. The bottom line, after you pay via paypal, make sure to indicate to the seller, that she has to send you the bag that very same day and provide you with tracking number. If she/he won't do that, immediately open up dispute and make sure to escalate it to the next claim level (it has to be done within a 24 hour period). This way paypal will freeze his/her funds, and you will have easier and significantly faster time recovering your money. By the way the seller you are referring to has negative feedback that has to do with selling fake chanel bags.