Help! I just want a little "something" from H in Paris


Purse Slut
Dec 14, 2006
DH & I will be in Paris in mid-July. (My FIRST
trip to Europe!) I'm working out a 4-day itinerary, and DH knows it has to include some time at LV, Hermes, Chanel... just to
visit mostly, but I would LOVE to bring home at least one little bauble. As my souvenir of the trip. So, what kind of advice do you have for me? Like if I wanted a clic-clac or other bracelet... I don't speak French, I will try to be dressed nicely and be polite. What else is there to it? Am I better off waiting to shop in the airport before we fly back to the U.S.? I have an Evelyne & one H silk scarf, but neither were purchased directly from Hermes. Should I just stick to e-b-a-y & online resellers? Thanks!


Feb 25, 2009
Most SA's speak English and you should be able to find a Clic clac or silk scarf of your liking without much problem. The PAris store can be insanely busy some times so you may have to be patient and wait for a SA. Good luck and have a lovely holiday. Let us know what you got.


Jul 12, 2009
I would definitely go to one of the H stores for your purchase. The airport selection is much more limited. As the others have said, the SAs speak English and the only challenge might be battling the crowds in the store. You will definitely be able to find a bracelet or other small item with no trouble.


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Feb 26, 2009
if you are going to Chanel, LV and Hermes, they are all quite close by...

LV is next to George V H and the situation there is much less hectic than at FSH. However, if it is your first time in Paris, i do strongly recommend visiting FSH and stroll through the store at your own leisurely pace. Chanel, incidentally, is just across the street from FSH.

The range displayed in FSH is very comprehensive, and you may come across items that you have never seen elsewhere. So I think you should keep an open mind about what you would want to buy. If you are not focused or stressed out on getting a birkin/kelly, i am positive that you would have a wonderful experience H-shopping in Paris!

concurring with others, best to avoid saturday visits to FSH!



Jul 21, 2009
I am hoping to go to Paris in September. I will definitely buy something from the store!
But, can anyone recommend a goos resale and or consignment store that sells authentic H in Paris?
I know there is a thread with a list of stores, but I was hoping for an updated info!!


BIN Paw Of Doom
Apr 10, 2006
beth001, you will have a wonderful time in Hermes, buying yourself a little treat! Don't be afraid. Two of my non-French-speaking friends went to Paris last month, and I asked them to bring me a scarf. They went right into the mothership store and spent HOURS looking at and trying on scarves, jewelry, small leather goods, etc. and they had a ball. So I am sure you will too. And something from the 24 Faubourg store is really an extra-special souvenir :smile:


Sep 12, 2008
^^^ I agree!!! It really adds something special to your item when it was purchased at FSH; it can be hectic in there, but it's quite a funny experience, especially when you're not in a rush yourself or stressed to get a Birkin or Kelly. I've been there only once so far (purchased an Ombre CDC, that is still special to me because I purchased it there) and tried to speak french which did not go very well, so the SA kindly and subtly changed the conversation into english, lol!


Dec 22, 2008
I was at fsh yesturday and both sa I spoke to were happy to help me in English. it took a few min for the sa to help me as they are busy but I would not worry if you want a clic clac or other bangle they have a lot in stock and also the scarves are on the first floor. they didn't have many twillys but they they had all other scarves. good luck and enjoy your h shopping