HELP! I just pre-sale'd a M by MJ Softy Hobo..

  1. hi ladies!
    i just came back from bloomies and pre saled a m by mj softy hobo in camo (it's this one, but in the pretty green color- )

    i know it's an older style, but do any of you have the bag? how do you like it? i did a quick search thru the forum and someone said what they use to seal the leather can crack?

    I do like the bag and it was a steal at $201! What do you guys think- should I keep it?
  2. i have this bag in chalk. the leather is soft and durable. it's very roomy, but the bag itself is so light that no matter how much i put in there, it doesn't make my shoulders ache like my mj collection bags do. i love how lighter mbmj bag are, yet they don't skimp on the quality. i've had it since march, have used it almost everyday for summer, and i've had no problems with it; no peeling whatsoever. you'll love the bag!
  3. I've never seen this bag IRL but it looks really cute in the pics. I like its shape. And you got such a great deal on it!
  4. It is a cute bag.
  5. I love hobos! Great price too. I've been hearing lots of great things about MBMJ, I'm sure you'll be happy.
  6. Great bag--congrats on the pre-sale!!
  7. I have the MbMJ Softy Faridahs in Chalk and Camouflage, which are made of the same leather that the bag you are getting is made of.

    The leather is GREAT! Soft and very durable. I, too, have been giving the bags a LOT of use, and no problems to report!

    Congratulations on a wonderful bag!