Help!!!! I just lost my favorite bag!

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  1. I just did the stupidest thing! I left my favorite bag, Treesje's Monaco bag, in a cab and there is NO WAY I can get it back!!!! I LOVED this bag!! I've had it for over a year and had no problems with it! Does anyone know where I can buy the Monaco Bag in Black at??? Or is there a similar Treesje bag that someone can recommend? Thanks!
  2. What an infuriating thing to happen. Is it not possible to get in touch with the cab company to try and locate the bag? Or maybe I'm being parochial! I live in Ireland where recovering something lost in a cab or bus is relatively easy. I'm sorry I don't know another bag to recommend. I love my Treesje Asher but I'm no expert on the brand. Sorry to hear about your bad luck and hope others can help!
  3. Yikes, so sorry to hear that. :sad: I second heather's suggestion, is there no way to try to locate the bag, e.g. do you have a receipt from the cab ride with the cab driver's license plate number? Or even just the general lost and found at the cab company may work too...

    The Monaco is an older style, one which Treesje hasn't produced in a few seasons (at least since Spring '09, IIRC, if not Fall '08), so your best bet for finding another Monaco would probably be to check secondhand sites like ebay, Bonanzle/Bonanza etc. Some stores like Bluefly or Avelle may have them for sale too (Bluefly usually carries some older styles, Avelle may sell bags that used to be one of their rentals which may or may not have been used), although it'll depend on your luck.

    As for similar styles, I don't think Treesje has produced another satchel that is highly similar in shape/style as the Monaco (with the zip closure and the magnetic fold at the top). (They do have a tendency to produce bags with the same shape/silhouette but different detailing, but I don't think the Monaco is one of them, unfortunately.) There may be other satchel styles that are roughly the same shape and size, with a shoulder strap too. Endless' stock of bags may help you find some styles that are similar, including some slightly-older styles from a season or two ago.

  4. Ooh nno that is horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that. :sad: Maybe you can find one on another bag site or on EBay or Bonzale. Have you contacted Treesje to see if they have any extra inventory stock?
  5. I know exactly how you feel! I had my black Avalon (from 08) stolen and have been trying to find another ever since with no luck. I think they stopped making it altogether. I'll be on the lookout for you for the Monaco on my daily avalon search..