Help, I just got my new jewelry today, and my hubby doesn't like it!

  1. I got my boyfriend logo ring and heart charm necklace from JAX today, and my husband doesn't like them, should I return them?

    Boyfriend logo ring... he thinks it looks too big for my hand and doesn't look good with my regular rings.


    Ring and necklace... he just doesn't like the necklace on me.


    What does everyone else think, should I return them?
  2. The necklace is ok but I haven't been fond of the Boyfriend ring at all. Too bulky and manly for me.

    I'm honestly not a fan of any of their jewelry and would much rather spend my money on their purses.
  3. Well I think if YOU like it you should keep it.. I am not a fan of either, sorry! I have to say the necklace does nothing for me and I have to agree the ring is big and does overpower that nice ring you have next to it.
  4. I would like the ring on it's own, but not mixed with your other ring.

    I'm not a fan of the necklace..sorry!!! But you should do what makes you happy!!!
  5. Sorry, but I don't like either one. I have to agree with your DH on this.
  6. I LOVE the ring. Definately love big and bold. Just wish it was real gold. Then I'd be all over that!

    Wear what you like...I say!
  7. I'm not a fan of the ring or the necklace...sorry. But if YOU like it, keep it.
  8. I'm with your hubby. I just don't think that they look good.
  9. if you love it, then you should keep it. as for me, i don't like the ring or necklace. the ring is to bulky for a female ring. and the necklace, the leather strap doesn't go with the gold charm. sorry. :sad:
  10. I think the ring looks too masculine for my tastes and I just don't care for the necklace... actually none of the jewelry is calling me!
  11. ITA.
  12. I'm not too fond of the ring or necklace. If you get a necklace I think it should be fancy for the money you pay, like the daphne heart or cross pendant necklace. Thanks for sharing the photos though!
  13. I don't like the necklace, it just doesn't seem delicate enough for you. The ring could be cool on its own, as others suggested...I would probably wear it on my middle finger to make it look slightly less bold.