Help! I just got a scarf that I already own!

  1. Hi EVERYONE..
    my cousin just bought me a scarf from london that I already own!!
    She does not have the receipt, and the store wont exchange it for another colour.. What do u suggest I do?
    Its a 70 by 70 silk scarf, orange and brown???
  2. Well, now that you have a pair, you could wrap them around the handles of your favorite handbag!
  3. Its called JEU DES OMNIBUS 1937 2007
  4. I thought that in some boutiques they could exchange it even if you don't have the receipt. I have friends who received scarves as presents but didn't like the design and they were able to exchange it.
  5. You should be able to exchange it. That being said... there are many times I wish I had 2 of the exact same scarf -- great to fashion into a top or a skirt or Ilovemylife's idea of draping 2 scarves like a long boa.
  6. I recently bought an Hermes item as a gift. I don't really return things, so I didn't know the return policy. I was very careful to ask my SA about how a gift return would work, was it possible, would I need a gift receipt, etc. I was really thorough in my questions.

    They very clearly told me that the recipient didn't need a receipt of any kind. As long as the price tag was still on the item, the recipient could exchange it for anything in Hermes for up to/around a year from the time I purchased it. They said it could be exchanged at any of the H stores, not just the point of purchase.
  7. ^^ GGA's experience is the same as mine with the exception of franchise stores like Selfridge's, Neiman Marcus, or Mitchell's/Richards.
    If she bought it in/you tried to return it at Selfridge's or Harrod's for example, they would not do it without a receipt, I believe.

    I love the idea of having two of the same scarf for the reasons mentioned. However, if you really don't want to keep it, Omnibus is a lovely scarf and if you put it on eBay I bet it would sell. That colorway isn't the easiest to find.
  8. I hate to even mention it....but perhaps your best friend/mother/etc needs a Holiday gift? Your cousin would never know....
  9. I think it's sweet that your cousin seems to have hit the nail on the head concerning your taste in scarves - it's just that you got there first!
  10. If you'r not able to exchange it I would probably keep it for a while. You might need two someday:smile:

    I'm curious ladies. Does your scarfs always come the a pricetag? I recently bought two scarfs in NY and they had like a sticker through the washtag. But that was the first time for me, all my other scarfs came without. They are mostly bought in Europe with a few exceptions of Hong Kong.
  11. i've never seen a scarf with a price tag on it..

    if you're in london, i know bond st should take it back. i took a twilly there without a receipt and it was completely fine.
  12. If you LOVE it, why not keep both. I am a big believe in having a back up of something you love. Some might call me crazy.
  13. All boutiques i've ever tried to exchange a scarf at were happy to do it, even if they didn't know me as a regular shopper. i'd go back and ask for the manager or a different SA. That is kinda weird for them to not take it back unless they thought it was worn by someone.
  14. The only time I had a scarf with a shop tag on it was when I got one from US, never in UK, they take them off here.

    I too am surprised that they won't allow an exchange, sounds quite unusual. I would go back and talk to another SA or manager like someone else suggested.
  15. Yep. On the back of my Hermes receipt, it was mentioned that it is not necessary to present a reciept to do the exchange. Only for certain items that has totally escaped me now. But i do wonder how do they decide on the value of the item if it was purchase from another country?