help! i just bought a 11p red half moon...


Apr 6, 2011
help! i just bought a 11p red half moon but the authencity card starts with 12xxxxx.... i bought it over the phone through a chanel boutique but for some reason when it came the tag was already detached from the bag:wtf:.... i have been researching and from the authencity card starting with numbers 12xxxxx so it should be from 08-09:thinking::thinking:? but its the 11p red.... i am freaking out :confused1::confused1:... pls help! oh and the hologram sticker inside the bag and authencity card number matches... i was just thinking that 11p should be from 2011 spring so shouldnt the numbers start with 14xxxxx?????? thanks in advance:ty:


May 10, 2009
HI there- don't worry! This was brought up in another thread and it does look like Chanel is using unused serial numbers on current items. If I can find it, I will link it.
BTW- I bought a bag from BG in December and it had an older serial number too.