Help! I have wallet drama!

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  1. I have a dilemma. I am only two handbags into my Hermes collection and I have wallet drama!!

    Life was simple with my first bag - a Blue Jean Birkin. I got a Rose Shocking Dogon PM wallet. Well that was too small and the eversoft leather looks pretty warn just a few months after buying it. So we replaced it with a fun bi-color Graphite/Blue Jean Dogon GM wallet. Perfect!

    Now the drama! It totally clashes with my new Cafe' Kelly handbag I got last week! (see my avatar) On top of that, I have a Raisin Birkin coming next month. The Graphite/BJ wallet doesn't go with either bag!!

    What should I do?? Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. Oh I don't know. I have an etoupe and a chocolate dogon and they go with anything. Maybe you should buy yourself a neutral color wallet ?
  3. Lisa, can you exchange the wallet for a color you like better? If not, just use it and enjoy it. It sounds pretty and it's hard to get a wallet color that will match with everything. I have a raisin Clarisse that doesn't quite go with several of my bags, ie., rouge h, and it also doesn't quite match the other skittle-colored accessories, but I use it anyway. Someday when it wears out I'll get a different color, but it's just fine.
  4. OFL, both your wallets are gorgeous. I'm trying to think of a color that would go with BJ, Raisin and Cafe, and am hard pressed to think of something interesting other than a neutral. I think your BJ Dogon could totally work with your bags even though it may not match in the traditional sense. Once you start venturing into multiple colors, it's hard to find a wallet that will go with everything. I have three, and even then, sometimes it doesn't work with my bag, but I still enjoy seeing them when I open my bag.
  5. Maybe I need to go back to another Rose Shocking wallet, but in a practical leather and practical size? That might do the trick. Or I could try talking Bob into a Meille Croc wallet?? Probably not though. Need to save croc dollars for a croc bag.
  6. cyclamen. :yes: i use a cyclamen agenda as my wallet and it works with everything i have, including my orange/red/brown tricolor kelly.

    i think vert anis probably goes with everything, and maybe turquoise too.
  7. lisa, the other option is to keep the wallet you have and buy some NEW things in other colors -- when you toss them together it doesn't seem to matter anymore whether one particular item goes with each of the rest.
  8. I second this! Isn't is amazing how all the Hermes colors seem to blend when you put them together? I buy the accessories for function first, color second, and then make them learn to live together, like kids sharing a room. Somehow, they manage.
  9. Remember the rainbow thread? With all intent and purpose, I was convinced by that thread to find contrasting + bright colours for all the small accessories in my bag. It truly makes searching for things easier. And completely pleasurable to see the Skittles colours.

    I choose colours for small accessories what I would not necessarily want in bags. That way, I can satisfy my itch to have different colours all the time.
  10. I think the RS color would go great with all!! I have a RS and a vermillion and love the RS best!
  11. I vote for this. This is what I have. Plus I love that graphite/blue jean wallet--it would be a shame to retire it.
  12. I don´t want my wallets to match my bags so I don´t see this as a problem
  13. ITA with DQ and the multi color brigade. The more the merrier, I say. Let poor bob save his pennies for the big stuff, LOL!
  14. I dont like my bag and my wallet in the same color.H has so many yummy colors and they still look good even if you dont match the color
  15. This is why she is the Queen Ebabler....:queen: