Help! I have to return one of these tomorrow..

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  1. Shadow Marley Hill or Shadow Mandeville?:confused1:
    Okay so I can't keep both and I'm so stuck right now since they are both amazing and I love them. This is one of my favorite prints and I looove gray but I'm having a hard time matching up my wardrobe and I probably shouldn't even keep one but I looooove the print. I have 2 other mandevilles(LS,BE), and as you might know I returned my lipstick marley hill to get my silver exeter..I really miss the lipstick marley. The shadow marley isn't really wow-ing me like the lipstick did. I kind of wish the stripe continued on the other side too..but I love that it can be handheld or shoulder carry which I kind of need in my collection right now. The mandeville wow's me big time but I worry about having too many since I still want a cheetah and silver, and who knows what else might come out soon. I really really wish they had a shadow morant!! or even a cyprus!! It would make my life so much easier right now!!! So, then I worry if I get rid of my mandeville they are super hard to find right now and what if I regret it? but then what about the marley? I've never seen it or any marley online and it's even harder to find? I wish I could keep both but I can't and oh..I keep going back and forth, back and forth.:sweatdrop: I was doing really good about returning the mandeville but now I just want to keep it! I know that I probably won't get much use out of I need to be strong and let one go to a good home.:crybaby:
  2. you gotta keep the mandy.. remember, a girl can't have too many mandeville.. :supacool:
  3. hm this is tough....but from what you are saying it sounds like you like the mandeville more. Don't let the thought of having too many mandevilles hold you back on keeping it if the marley doesn't wow you.
  4. hmm....tough choice, but I think in the long run you'd use the Mande more. It sounds like you love this style (wanting it in other prints).

    I agree - don't let too many Mandy's hold you back. I have three and love them all and use them more frequently than most other bags.

    good luck! :flowers:
  5. I agree. Even though I'm a huge fan of the the case of Shadow I prefer the Mandeville. And sounds like you do too.
  6. i would keep the mande...I love that bag in shadow, it's just so pretty and refreshing and looks great handheld. I'm not a huge fan of the marley hill in general and I don't really it has the same wow factor in shadow...I hope you keep the mande...what's wrong with another one!! I'd love to collect them in every print...but I'm collecting lv speedies...if I didn't have my speedies I'd get Mandevilles!!:tup:
  7. there's just something i really dig about the marley hill in the shadow print...dont like it in any other colorway
  8. Okay I decided to keep the mandeville. I know that the shadow marley is really cute and I sure would have kept it if I could. I hated it being thrown on the sales table all alone but I had to be strong and let it go. I am in love with my shadow mandeville I was just worried about having too many of them. I think I made the right decision. I do miss my lipstick marley, I just don't feel like the gray patent looks good in the flat shoulder straps like the red patent did. The rolled gray handles like the mandeville has look good! I totally forgot to add pictures to here they are..:love: :crybaby:
    3-4-2008 159.jpg 3-4-2008 163.jpg
  9. As long as you're happy with the decision so are we! I'm sure the Marley will find its way to another good home. :yes: