HELP!! I have to go to a baby shower with...


No such thing as too many
Feb 6, 2006
my MIL today!!! Spending any more than a few minutes alone with her is torture in itself, but a BABY SHOWER?! No pressure or anything... Anyone have any snappy comebacks if she asks me when it'll be my turn? (I'm really focused on my job right now, and it's nothing something I'm considering at the moment.) Please help! :sad:
Wow .... she'd really say something like that to you? She sounds like a monster-in-law. I'd say something like "It will be MY turn when WE decide it's the right time for US not YOU." Another idea ... buy her a cabbage patch doll and tell her to be a grandmother to that for now and get off your back. Maybe I'm being too rough on her but I think that really takes a lot of nerve to put pressure on you like that. Take your time. It's your life. Start a family in your own time. That's just my two cents.
The next time she asks you, tell her you'll have a baby once she stops meddling into your married life so that you can put all your concentration on the baby and not the meddling MIL.

Fortunately, I love my MIL so it's hard for me to be mean like that. I'm sure I would had circumstances been different.
You can shut her up by telling her that you and your DH are just having so much fun practicing, that you wouldn't want to spoil all the fun by having a baby right now! LOL~! Seriously, it's none of anyone's business, so just tell her that it will happen when the time is right.
:nuts: LOL @ above comment by Jag...:nuts:

I say - gently but firmly explain that the time is not right for you just now, and after all, when you do decide to have children, it is your business and no-one elses and you'll be sure to let her know!!
You could also explain that many women don't reach the menopause until they're in their 50' ;)
Just say you are not ready to have saggin boobs and a huge tummy :biggrin: (Sorry to all of you mothers out there).

But the truth is you shoudn't even need to explain yourself to her! You have made your choice to focus on your career and if that's fine by you it should be fine by her.
Thanks for your advice, girls. I'm happy to say it wasn't an issue today, but I know it will be soon. If anyone has additional words of wisdom, I'm all ears! ;)