help I have lost my coach hangtag

  1. If anyone knows where I can get a new replacement hang tag. I have lost the small round brass tag off of the denim stripe tote I havent even had it a week and I have lost the tag luckily the leather piece was caught under the strap. I have also lost it off of my Soho buckle.
  2. Call Coach and request a replacement! They'll send you one for free if they have it available. :yes:
  3. yes you can get a replacement tag, but i'm not sure if you can get the replacement little round coin thing... i know what you mean i just can't think of it's name....but you can always call coach and see... then tell us!
  4. take it to the boutique...when i thought i lost the hangtag from my pleated hobo they replaced it AND the chain for me, free of charge. on the pleated hobos they are the brass tags, so i was quite surprised. I don't know if they always do that, since i'm a regular at that particular store but it can't hurt to ask.
  5. Just bumping in case anyone needs to know. I just realized I lost the hangtag and brass button off my white legacy ali and called their 888#. They just asked for the id no. inside my bag and will be sending a replacement to me today.

    I'm thinking I lost it because I originally hung my key fob off the hang tag chain and had opened and closed the chain a couple of times. The SA on the phone said they don't recommend that because eventually the little ball connector will loosen up, potentially falling off - taking your hang tag and charm/key fob with it!
  6. If I'm not mistaken, at least on my Legacy bag, they are referred to as the Legacy Medallion. (?)
  7. for those that don't want to lose thiers in the future and don't use them to change out keyfobs with, then take a pair of pliers and pinch the sides where the ball connects into it and it'll never fall off! ;)