HELP: I have blueberry city, still buy it in Black?

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  1. HI!!

    Do you girls think that BLACK color is too close to Blueberry? will I just be wasting money bying black City since I have it in Blueberry already?

    Blueberry looks really dark out of the sun but looks royal blue under the sun.

    Help please....
  2. of course buy black. the more the merrier!!!!!
  3. Definitely get a black city if you want one. It's not too similar to blueberry.
  4. for sure buy a black city! i have a blueberry city and i love it but a black is always classic and does not look like blueberry.:yes:
  5. i'm with everyone else...get the black one too! you can never have enough bbags!
  6. I also agree with everyone that you should get it in black too! It's so classic and it's very different from Blueberry!
    I'm sure you won't regret it!! :yes:
  7. I have an INK day and still wouldn't mind a black one so I would go for it!
  8. i don't think black is too close to blueberry at all....if u love it then go ahead!!! black's a real classic :smile:
  9. I have both a Blueberry and a Black City and I don't think they are close at all! GET BOTH!!! :yes:
  10. :yes:

    1) A girl always needs at least ONE black bag
    2) You can never have TOO many Bbags
    3) Cos you know you want one just because! :graucho:
  11. i think if you fell in love with other colours too, u should go for that other colour first...
    you can always get black anytime, and if you already have a lot more b bags.
    if you only have the blueberry city, i think it's kinda waste to spend it on black :P it's just my honest opinion...
  12. classique black
  13. Of course! Go ahead! You can never have enough of those colours!
  14. those colors are very different. go for it!
  15. If you aren't going to use both then it may be a waste of $, but if you are going to use both then def go for it!