Help! I have been offered lovely pieces and I don"t know what to chose!

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  1. Hi lovely tpfers! I am looking to expand my modest Hemes collection and I could really use your advice on what to purchase next. I spent many years collecting fabulous rare and classic bags from both Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Too many of them are like museum pieces that are stored and adored, but never used. So, I want to be sure that moving forward, I chose pieces that I will cherish and USE.

    I have been offered a Gris t kelly retourne, a 31cm etoupe clemence bolide, and a geranium 22cm so kelly with gold hardware. I tend to wear my black bags the most but want to expand beyond that. Currently, I own a black togo birkin 30cm, a gold togo 35 cm birkin (giving to my sister as it is too large and heavy for me) A black croc kelly 28cm, brown croc kelly 32 cm, a black kelly cut, and a black mm picotin in clemence.

    What would you suggest? Those of you with both so kelly and bolide, how do you like them? I am looking for something that will get frequent wear, not just special occasion. I would love to hear your thoughtful advice. Thanks sooo much!:smile:
  2. I love Gris T, so that's what I would choose!

    p.s.: Love to hear that Gris T is still coming through!!!
  3. I have both a So Kelly (26) and bolides, and must say that bolides are the most useful bags ever. i must admit that when i first saw them, I thought they were too "old" for me, but as you use them, they grow on you. I now have 31s, 35s and 28s and love the fact that they can be shoulder carried and carried by the handles. (Hang on, it could be that it's a sign that I'm ageing?) The most practical under-the-radar bag ever.

    Having said, that, nothing beats a classic K retourne.

    Your collection sounds lovely so far. I agree that both Gris T and etoupe would be lovely but both these colours can be tricky with certain skin types. Do try to go to the boutique to try them on in person and maybe the deciding factor will be the colour after all.

    I like my So Kelly, but not as much as the Bolides, but that's just me.

    Good luck!
  4. Yes, I love it too! The problem is, my husband isn't sure he love the color on me. He would rather my next kelly be a yummy pop of color. I find this color takes on different dimensions depending what you are wearing or which twilly you decorate the bag with.
  5. Thanks, Plumtree for your thoughtful advice! My instinct was to grab the kelly and run, but DH was not completely sold on the color for me. The bags are being held for me to make a decision. Part of me wants to jump out of safe comfort zone and buy a burst of color but don't know if it will stand the test of time or be a passing phase.... Also, I love my kelly bags, but don't use them as often as I used to... probably because both mine are exotic and not appropriate for the more casual day to day life. I love that you use your bolides and find them to be youthful and stylish. They do seem like a classic lovely bag!:smile:
  6. What size is the Gris T K Retourne? If it's a 28 or 32 then I would definately choose it for being utterly classic plus with the Gris T you could dress it up with any colourful scarves/twillies for that pop of colour any time you want AND have a beautiful neutral - win win to me :biggrin:
  7. Gris gets my vote too. If the Geranium was the kelly, no hesitation but it isn't so gris it is for moi.

    Here's my experience with my hubby. I didn't get why you bought that purse; now that I see it in use, I get it now. I like it. That was about a white purse bought in October and then stashed til the following summer. The bolide he saw sitting on the chair and one day said, the more I see it, the more I like it.
  8. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: You totally made me smile! This scene sounds all too familiar in my house too! Thanks so much for your input!

    The size of the kelly is a 32cm
  9. Yes, this is so true! DH thinks it is a little too corporate and dull. He thinks I should hold out for better color. of course, we collectors think, why not both the neutral AND a pop of color!:graucho:
  10. You seem to prefer a classic look with the black & Bs & Ks. How about adding a red B or K? You can use it everyday and it goes well with your classic look.
  11. My vote is for the Gris T. It's one of my all time favorite colors. It's so elegant, versatile, and will last a life time. I still smile when I take out my Gris T birkin to use. And of course who could resist a 32 kelly. I find etoupe a little too dark for me and doesn't work well with my complexion. If we were talking about bag styles, then it would definitely be between the Kelly or Bolide. I'm just not a fan of the so-Kelly. Got one when it first came out and just never loved it so eventually sold it.
  12. gris T for me too! altho the etoupe bolide is also good is you want a change.

    my next bag will be a bolide 35 in either dark gray like etain or dark blue like bleu de prusse.

    i have a so kelly but in a 26 and i love it. it's in BE and my first pop of color.
  13. GT is a clear winner, DH's opinion on my bag does not carry much weight.....
  14. Thanks so much for your input! May I ask what you did not like about your so kelly? Was it just too casual for your lifestyle, or something else particular about the bag? Of the choices I was offered, the so kelly has the best pop of color but I don't have any experience with this style. TIA for your wonderful advice!:smile:
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: love the way you think!:smile::smile: