HELP!! I have an item from UK to US using ParcelForce. No delivery!

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  1. I had a friend ship something to me from the UK. I told her EMS (Express Mail Service) is the best service since I've used them plus i know sellers have and it's been super fast and reliable. She sent it from UK using their version of EMS which is ParcelForce. She said that the post office told her that's their version of EMS.

    I paid for two day service. That was Tuesday.

    It's now Thursday and no package. Tracking says it exported and its in the delivery country (US) but there is this message now under the tracking: Unfortunately the delivery of your parcel has been delayed. It will be rescheduled for delivery at the earliest opportunity.

    I go away tomorrow for the July 4th weekend and won't be here!! I needed this to delivery TODAY. Technically ParcelForce did their job. They got it to the US on time but now I don't know what service is being used to get it to my house? Is it USPS? I called USPS and one person said she's familiar with PF but sees no tracking info yet in their system. She passed me onto someone else and they said they do not know if PF will use USPS. She said they could use any competitor vendor (fedex/ups etc). So she has no idea what company will deliver to my door. She too didn't see the PF tracking in their USPS system

    I really needed this today! What happens if they try and deliver when i am gone? I don't get back till next Tuesday end of day and no one is in to receive. Help!!!

    This is what the ParcelForce tracking shows currently as of today June 30th:
    • Despatched
    • Collection depot
    • Exported
    • In delivery country
    • At delivery depot <------- this is what tracking is stuck at all day today and yesterday
    • Out for delivery
    • Delivered
  2. It's showing as delivered.
  3. no the tracking does not show as delivered in fact it shows this!! :

    The status of your parcel is detailed in the tracking history table below. If this is not clear and you need further information, please contact us

    Item tracking history
    Date Time Location Tracking event
    30/6/2016 21:08 STN Exported
    29/6/2016 22:01 STN Delivery delayed and rescheduled
    29/6/2016 17:21 STN Exported
    29/6/2016 15:08 London Central Depot Prepared for export
  4. I'm going to call Parcel Force tomorrow am and see what's going on. I'm so ticked off that it didn't deliver per what I paid. I'll see what they say. Arrgggh!! Also I still don't know if USPS or PF themselves deliver it to my door
  5. Take the tracking number from parcelforce and try tracking it through USPS site. It is probably a Custom's delay, which the carrier can't help. If you aren't home when USPS delivers it, they will hold it at the PO for you. Does the number format look something like EJ2345678UK? It'll come from USPS.
  6. Update!! my gf called PF in UK to sort this and it turns out that FEDEX is the delivery contractor. the package was delayed due to weather and went from memphis to NY over night and is now in NY (Friday). None of this info is in tracking. She called PF to get all this. I arranged a pick up at my local Fedex and just learned that it is now ready for pick up!!!!

    So panic over and thank you everyone for your help!
  7. Was it an expensive item as FedEx are quite prompt to collect customs charges?
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  8. Yes it was but I had it marked as being cheap.
  9. If they suspect it was undervalued, they will open and verify the value and if found to be worth more than the declared amount, they will charge.
  10. Good to know for the future. Thank you!
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