Help! I have a question about my ebay listing...

  1. I'm new to the whole eBay thing. I just put up my first listing. My question is, is how do I make it say my state instead of my town and state at the top of my listing? I can't for the life of me find where I'm allowed to switch it to just NJ & delete my town. Please help. :crybaby:
  2. It would be in your seller preferences, if the option is still there.
  3. The option is only available for me BEFORE i submit the listing. So the one saying my town has to stay. =( At least thats what I found.

  4. i can't figure out how to do it at all! that KINDA creeps me out! i really don't want to state that much info re:my location on eBay!
  5. Exactly!
  6. I have another question....How come only 1 of my listings is showing up when I click on my user ID? I have 3 listings. I'm so confused already, lol.
  7. The listings sometimes takes a little longer to show up. Some of my listings for clothes have taken a couple of hours. If it's a designer handbag, it could take up to a day to appear while they *authenticate* your listing. I say *authenticate* coz they do a very lousy of job of it!

    If someone has placed a bid on your auction, then you can change anything. If no one has bidded, then you should still be able to modify it? The old listing format was easier to use even though we had to go through 4-5 pages. The new pages are very restrictive and confusing to work out where everything is.
  8. To change the have to click "revise" on your listing, then click on "pictures and details", scroll down to "item location" click change, and then it will say custom, its there you can write just the state.
  9. Thank you!