Help; I have a huge dilemma!

Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
I have a maaaaajor dilemma. OK, here's how it goes. (sorry this is a bit long)

I just ordered the Tahitienne PM in menthe. I don't have hardly any shoulder bags, and I love the style! all my LVs are handheld and all my bags are either black or brown, so a nice fun bag is definitely in order! So my mom gave me some money towards that as a birthday present, since my birthday is coming up. I took the rest out of my savings account, but will be able to replace it when I get the $600 from the economic stimulus bill, which i'm scheduled to have direct-deposited in the middle of May.

I'm waitlisted for the Aquarelle Speedy and now, the Papillon. I got the Tahitienne because I'm really concerned that the aquarelle speedy will look like luggage on me. I love small Speedies-- mine are all 25's and I think 30s are too big, so I know 35 will be huge! The problem is, I really want a bag from this line! I got the bandeau and love it. So there's the papillon; I could get that, and it'd be smaller than the Speedy.

The problem is, everyone's SO proud of me for having a couple of grand in my savings account, and if I buy the watercolor from that account, it'll take me some time to replace that money. My SO keeps berating me for not saving more money and if he found out he'd be livid! He hates bags and my addiction. My parents are also proud of me about the account. I could probably have it back up to the same level in a couple of months with saving, but if I didn't buy the bag I could put more money in there, and with this economy, I keep thinking I should be thinking about saving. I just really, really want a watercolor bag! And I gave up getting a birkin in favor of putting a down payment on a house, so I feel like I'm tired of giving up bags. LOL.

My other option is to sell my Damier Speedy 25. It's like new and gorgeous. I carry my mono one a lot more, but I do still carry the Damier when it rains (I have other rainy day bags though). And I've heard from people that it's "classier" than the mono. It's just such a worry-free bag. But since I only carry it maybe once a month (I'm a logo fiend :shame: so it doesn't get carried except when it rains), I was thinking maybe I should sell it; it's not being discontinued anytime soon so I can buy it again whenever if I really miss it, right? (But then again with these crazy price increases I'll regret it?)

So what should I do?

Buy the aquarelle outright and replenish my savings account later?

Forget the aquarelle and be happy with my two speedies and my tahitienne that's on the way?

Return the tahitienne for the aquarelle?

Sell the damier to put funds toward the aquarelle?

SORRY this is so long; I really need the advice, though! How sad is it I'm losing sleep over this?!

Thank you so much in advance! :flowers:


An Obsessed Leftie
Mar 2, 2007
Far Burbs of the Windy City
Oh what a tough decision - I'm a huge advocate for not incurring debt for a luxury. However you wouldn't be going into debt just dipping into savings.

I think hiding things from the SO money wise is a bad idea - finances are the worst thing to fight over!! I wouldn't recommend selling a bad unless you truly don't use it or love it (sounds like you do enjoy it though). Do you have the self discipline to pay back the savings ASAP?
If you draw yourself up a budget and STICK TO IT then I suppose there shouldn't be a reason not to take the money out (do you have enough job security to not worry about that as well?)
I wouldn't lie to my SO about it though .. I'd be upfront tell him how badly you want this bag, how much you do work hard to save for bags and that they are your reward to yourself. Tell him about the repayment plan etc. Don't let him CONTROL your finances (assuming it's not joint) either though.

Guess I'm no help huh? .... Both are great bags but sounds like you're not even sold on the Speedy (the 35) .. if a 30 is luggage to you I have a feeling when you hold the 35 you might pass on it anyway??
Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
^^That's what I think, which is why I'm contemplating the Papillon instead, since I don't own that shape anyway, and the brown is so pretty! I don't think I'll want the Speedy.

SO and I fight a lot about money-- which is funny because the mortgage is in my name, I make twice as much as he does, and I pay more bills because of that. We keep EVERYTHING separate and I have never spent a dime of his money on anything besides occasional grocery bills. I never touch his money. He is just always telling me how to spend my money. I have the job security to pay the money back into my account within a couple of months... :hysteric: I just don't know what to do!


Oct 8, 2006
i say sell your damier and put funds towards the arquelle. you dont use it anyways. plus I dont like it either maybe thats why lol =P plus your on the waitlist so you have some time before you'll be buying it right? then u can save up more moeny for the arquelle, then you'll have everything except the damier u dont even use.


An Obsessed Leftie
Mar 2, 2007
Far Burbs of the Windy City
Sounds like the Pap is the perfect choice for you then .. regarding SO if you're money is split up and you're covering your portion of bills then it's not his business to tell you can't purchase.
My DH and I make approx. the same money salaried however I also receive monthly commission checks in addition. We don't fight about them but I do get upset when he thinks he should decide how that money is spent - that's my incentive money based on my performance which isn't budget money for household stuff. I don't wish to waste every penny however I refuse to beg to use my money - I think as we've aged we've mellowed so we don't argue about money (or much of anything anymore).


Nov 25, 2006
bottom line is if it bothers you not to have enough savings then don't do it. i guess nowadays it is always nice to have extra cash in the bank for rainy days or as what tinaxx said sell sell your other bag and put funds towards the arquelle.


Sep 2, 2006
United States
Oh boy - tough decisions! I would not worry about the Speedy until it comes in and you see if it looks like luggage on you. No sense in worrying about it until then, right? ;)
If you do love it and can replenish your savings in a few months, I say go for it. But then of course you have the issue of your SO giving you a hard time about how you're spending your money. I guess I can understand why some SOs have a hard time comprehending our obsession with handbags, but it sounds like you have your funds straight and there isn't really a big reason for his concern?
My husband and I have been married for 5+ years and have been together for almost 10 years; we have always had our funds separate and it works for us. He never questions my bags and I never question his ATV races or parts and things. ;) Would it help to talk to your SO about this or have you already tried that?
But back to your decision - if you love the Speedy, go with that, but if not, see what you love more - the Pap or the Tahitienne! :flowers:
if you think a 30 is too big it's a fair guess that you won't like the 35 the pap is really pretty and a nice size too.

the Tahitiennes is going to be around awhile so you could always return get the pap and buy the tahi later, the only problem is that the green seems to be in shorter supply than the other colours.

I wouldn't sell the dam speedy you like it and there is a good chance you'll buy it back later paying more because of price increases and it's unlikely you'll get full retail so it just doesn't make sense.


Mad Shopaholic
Dec 1, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I would say sell the Damier Speedy and get the Watercolor Pap. If you dun, then perhaps you should just save the money instead of getting another bag.

I totally get you because I also have a good savings record but its fast going down the drain with the amount of LV I have been buying recently. :sweatdrop:


Aug 13, 2007
I'm always for having money in the savings ~ always good for a rainy day! Good rule of thumb is to have 3 months worth of living in the savings - just in case!

However, you have to also be happy ... it seems like you really like the Tahitienes, so I'd sell the Damier and get the Aquarelle Pap.

I have the Aquarrelle Bandeau too and I love it ... I really think the Aquarelle Speedy VVN is going to be a knockout! Can't wait to get mine.

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
I guess I'm the only one, but I say get rid of the Tahitiennes, keep the Damier, and get the Aquarelle. I do think Tahitiennes is gorgeous, but I just don't know how practical it will be- I would worry about it getting dirty, and I do think it's pretty much a spring/summer bag. I think you can find much more practical LV shoulder bags... vernis, if you want a fun color? Aquarelle, to me, is so much more special. Keep Damier because it is practical and yes it's classic and you can always buy it again, but the prices keep going up! There will always be new LE bags. As for which Aquarelle, try them both on but I might say Papillon because you already have 2 Speedies and you prefer the small ones.
It's not silly that you're losing sleep- when we have limited fashion dollars to spend, we want to spend them well! I'm the same way.


Dec 12, 2006
Return the Tahitiennes, keep the Damier Speedy, get the Papillion (and then take lots of pics for us)!
Sep 24, 2006
The Golden State
Wow, I can see why you would have trouble sleeping with all these thoughts in your head. It would probably be a good idea to get the LE bag first in this case. Return the Tahitiennes bag --- that will be around for quite some time as the line replaces the Antiqua. Get your watercolor papillon (only if you love this style) or the Speedy 35 as a different twist to the normal-sized Speedies you carry. Save for a couple of months, then get the Menthe Tahitiennes. Don't sell your Damier --- you already have it, love it, and it has served you well during those rainy days. Good luck!!