Help! I have a few stupid questions!

  1. I have been window shopping around on elux for some of the recommended bags and accessories and I have a few questions. Sorry in advance if they're dumb but that how we learn isn't it? :smile:

    What is the point of a Sac Plat? I would assume that it is not an everyday bag, eh?


    Do they make a "day planner" type refill for the small agenda? The only one that I see on elux is just a simple ruled line one. If I bought a Small Agenda and they didn't make a day planner refill pack, would one from an office supply store fit properly?

    Thanks in advance folks!
  2. I am planning on getting Sac Plat to carry my papers/lap top in it. I can't see it being comfy as an every day bag but that's just my opinion.:shrugs: Sorry, I can't help you with regards to agenda refills (I don't own one:shame:YET!!!:nuts:).
  3. yes, LV has day planner refills for the small ring, elux just doesn't have them. you can get them from any boutique.
  4. Thanks for the answers and ideas, I appeciate them!
  5. Thanks Taco, Staples is a lot closer than my nearest LV when I would need a refill. That's good to know if I decide to order a small agenda!
  6. sac plat is used to carry papers and various other documents, or just whatever you want that's flat=plat! :biggrin: and ya, you can get all sorts of agenda refills, just go to There's one week/2 pages, 1 day/page, notes, stickers...etc
  7. You guys are great. Thanks for all the help! The reason I asked about the Sac Plat is that I was someone picturing it as a "shopping bag". You know? Use it instead of a sack when picking up a few items. I just didn't know how pratical it would be. Thanks!!
  8. the Sac Plat wouldn't be too practical as an everyday bag. my mom has the Damier and Epi ones, and she only uses them for work, and even then she doesn't use them often because she's just a doctor and doesn't have a lot of paperwork to carry around