HELP! I have a few hours left to decide... should i buy this sophie for $895.00?

  1. i love this discontinued bag and i haven't seen one for quite some time...
    the seller will knock off $100.00 from the $995.00 price if i buy it today. forum members have told me they've seen auctions for the sophie in the $500.00-$650.00 range. but i dont know what the bag condition was...? maybe they were used? this is brand new. what should i do? HELP!:confused1:
  2. Noway, thats way too much, it retailed for just over $400, please dont pay this price, one will come along
  3. HELL NO! :nogood:
  4. ummm... I think if you LOVE it then, anything under 1000$ is worth it to me especially consideringt that the mono sophie's so geographically limited.... So for me, YES, buy it!
  5. I think its too much for that bag..unless you have to have it I would suggest waiting for another one. I'm sure those in the range you mentioned were in good condition, the pictures on the listings should tell you also. If you absolutely had to have it you wouldn't be asking us:p so my advice is just based on if I felt like you and what I'd do to not regret it afterwards.
  6. ITA. And again I won't pay that much.....
  7. No Way!! That is way too much, I mean I am willing to spend that much and more on LV, but this is nearly double or double the price of that bag and to me it is too high. The Sophie is adorable, but another will come along, the reason they will most likely knock off another $100 is because that particular Sophie has been trying to sell on eBay for a LONG time and has gotten no action. I would wait for sure.
  8. Did you know that they are releasing the damier version of this bag this fall? I dont know where you live, but if you are not in the Japan, guam, Hawaii rim, you could call around and see if one of the LVs in these areas could put you on the damier sophie waitlist. It will retail for $450.

  9. I agree.
  10. no way! Just have will show up...they always do.
    And yes, the ones I've seen for 500-600 were brand new.
  11. No way, that is way too much.
  12. This bag never came out in the entire world except for japan and hawai so IMO you should get. The bag is new, it's discontinued and the seller is legit and reputable. So get it you won't regret it!