Help!!! I Hate My Trouville!!!

  1. Okay, as I've mentioned in at least three other threads, I am falling out of love with my black MC Trouville as it gains patina. For some reason, it looks gawdy/fake to me. However, I love all of my matching accessory pieces - particularly my Poche Porte Monnaie NM and matching mirror because they are printed with the smaller colorful LVs.

    Someone help talk me out of selling it. If I do, I guess I'll need to find another black MC bag in order to use my beloved wallet, mirror and Astropill. *sniffle*
  2. Uhm, what about having the handles and/or vachetta replaced?
  3. That's exactly what I was going to suggest! :yes:
  4. But it will just be a recurring issue...I don't carry it that much to begin with but when I do, I usually keep it in rotation for 2-3 weeks straight. Maybe I just need to put it back in the closet for awhile so I can regain an appreciation for it in another few months.
  5. true...if you don't like the can have the vachetta replaced??
  6. Yah, the Trouville is beautiful-don't sell it!
  7. What about a black epi? It will match your accessories but will not patina!?!
  8. Or sell it and go with a black epi next time, that's vachettahazzle free and I think it looks great with black MC
  9. Oooh the black epi is a great suggestion!!

    I love the trouville, but whats the point of having a bag if there is always something about it that will 'bug' you??

    Good luck, Jazzybelle:smile:
  10. I just bought that black bag and it's nice, really pretty. Am sure you will like it again oneday:love:
  11. I have a black Epi Jasmin.

    Maybe I'll look for a black MC bag with the smaller LVs...I really like them!
  12. I hate patina too that's why I won't be buying monogram anymore (yeah I say that now, but I may just be lying to myself!). I think you should keep it stored for a while and see if you change your mind. If you don't truly love it, sell it for Epi or Damier!
  13. give it to me (joking) well, probably replace the hadles as Sytnagma and icechick!
  14. You will still have the patina issue though!?! :shrugs:
  15. hello gals,
    Does anyone mind telling me what is patina???Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee