Help! I hate Mono but...

  1. I'm so tempted to get the Popincourt! It's so adorable! Help! Should I get it? What if I don't even dare use it after?
  2. get it there's nothing wrong with mono exept the price plus you shouldn't care if people think it's fake or plastic as long as you like it:yes:
  3. The Popincourt is gorgeous, get it :graucho:
    What is it about the Mono that you don't like?
  4. Hmm I say wait till March 1st for the new family of bags to launch if you're not in a hurry :smile:

    They tend to run large, but hey you may like it.
  5. It screams out LV!
  6. The Popincourt is adorable, it has been on my wish list (but not priority) for some time now. The shape is so adorable, reminds me of a Toblerone bar!
  7. I can sympathise, I don't like mono (or any big logos) but I love the popincourt. If I ever get over my mono-dislike, I'd buy the popincourt first!
  8. I like the popincourt - so cute! I liked how it looked on me. :love: :shame:
  9. Order a Special Order in Epi or another line that does not scream. suhali, taiga...
  10. I didn't like mono either until the manhattans came out-now I adore it and have gotten many of the pieces-I think the mono is a classic look. I saw a very elegant woman carrying the popincourt yesterday..get it.
  11. I LOVE the popincourt. Actually, when I was trying to decide what my first LV would be, that was one of my two choices. The speey won but i still want a popincourt. I've only seen one IRL and it was so cute!
  12. The Suhali is still my favourite. Yeah, that's a great idea someone mentioned. Order it in Suhali. It would look fab.
  13. I don't care for any other designer's monogram, but LV is such a classic, and mono canvas is "the" quintessential LV, IMO.
  14. I didn't intially like mono, but now I love it! I think it grows on you! Anyway, if you love the popincourt - go for it!
  15. although i dont really like mono, however popincourt model is cute n adorable.. so go for itt..