HELP!!! i had a buyer offer,I accepted&now she is being horribly rude-i didnt sendyet

  1. Hi everyone i Neeed help :sad: This is the first time i have had a really bad feeling about a buyer and i dont know what to do

    I had a bag i took a best offer on, it was $400 and i havent even sent the bag out yet as i said i wouldnt be able to send it until friday
    SO i took a billion pictures this was a botkier i bought at the SS last week its OBVIOUS its authentic

    so i get this msg after the buyer paid:

    I just want to let you know that I will be having this bag authenticated - if it is not authentic I will report to eBay, etc... As you say in your listing there are a lot of scammers out there - for this much money I won't deal with it. Any bag I pay this much for, I will always let the seller know. Thanks, ****

    To me that is a really rude message to send me before i even mail you the bag, and after you bought it

    if you doubted its authenticity why didnt you email me before??? And then to threaten to report me to eBay? i have never sold anything but authentic bags i dont understand, ive never had anyone respond to me this way

    SO i wrote back to her and said that i didnt understand why she was threatening me and that she would know as soon as she got it that its authentic. I also said i didnt know where she planned to have it authenticated but since i know its authentic i would only accept anything saying it wasnt from someone in the botkier company or a my poupette sort of authenticity thing? I told her some sales person in Nordstroms wouldnt be acceptable (and i know its authentic so its not even an issue but i have this HORRIBLE feeling by the way that msg was that she is going to try and pull something on me)

    So i told her if she didnt want it i would refund her and i would just relist it, and that it was going to be her loss and to please get back to me

    so then this is the msg i just got,,,

    I placed an offer on the bag and it was accepted. Have I not already paid for the item? I believe the next step is that you send it right? As to the rest of your email, I will address it at a later time. I WILL address your statements then.

    So basically she isnt responding to anything i have written and just ignoring everything i wrote, and telling me she will address it then? wtf! im sorry but i get a really terrible feeling about someone being that rude to me without ever dealing with me and without me even sending the bag yet

    *i wrote back and said:

    What? no im sorry i am going to try and contact eBay and see if this is grounds for me to refund you and repost my item, i can tell by your rude emails that this is not going to be a plesent experience and i will not be around following the holidays to deal with whatever drama you are trying to start. Trust me if you had emailed me all of this BEFORE making an offer i wouldnt have accepted it. I cannot understand why you are being so rude and standoffish to someone you dont even know and have never delt with before

    WHAT DO I DO? :sad: Do i send it and just hope it all goes ok? or refund her and get a - cause i can TELL shes going to do that to me :sad: And it would be my 1st :crybaby:

    i dont know what to do please help me :sad:
  2. Well after you told her she was being rude, you really have no other choice but to refund her. I would not deal with her any further. She may just assume since you are refunding, that you are guilty of a fake. She sounds like a nutcase. In all honesty, write eBay explaining what you said here, copy it to her, and get her off your back. You don't need this for Xmas.
  3. How do i write email ebay and explain this i dont even know how to do anything except press refund on paypal ive never had someone be like that to me on ebay :sad:
    I guess ive been lucky?
    I dunno what to do how to tell ebay, how to try and not get a negative or :sad: do i just have to get 1?
  4. Honestly, and I am trying to see it from the side of the buyer, all she did was tell you that she was going to have it authenticated...probably worried that she was going to get scammed. I don't think that E-bay will see that as a threat, KWIM? I think they will think that a buyer is entitled to have a bag authenticated, does not matter when she tells you that, after the auction or before..I wonder what others think, this is just my first thought.
  5. i do see what you mean and i totally understand that and i told her that
    but i just felt like to not even say thank you or email me ever before and suddenly just say
    I am having this authenticated and if its fake im reporting you is so harsh aand unnecessary,,,
  6. Do you use a security tag to prevent switching? There is just something about here comments.

  7. ITA that is was harsh. A while ago I posted a rant about potential bidders asking "is it authentic, are you sure, I am going to find out if it is fake" blah blah blah. A lot of members here told me I should think from the standpoint of the bidder, they are worried, scared etc about being scammed and that I should just go with it and answer their question.
  8. did you try the live chat help? see what they say. try to refund her money, she is going to cause you problems. trust me i went through this just last week.if she leaves you a negative, reply to it and leave her a god she is so rude.what is wrong with people.i feel for you.:flowers:
  9. thanks nycgr1 :sad: I just cant beleive how rude she was :sad: i guess i take things personally but i dont get why someone would be so rude

    ive asked buyers about authetnicity but NICELY and BEFORE i buy the item UGH

  10. I fully agree with you^^^ I just mentioned that Bessie may have dug her hole with the buyer. It's always best to stay calm and professional, as hard as it may be. I think even though it sucks that she was saying she intends on authenticating it, she certainly has every right for peace of mind. Maybe her wording came out wrong, who knows.
  11. ok i asked live help and they said i have to contact her and try and explain and if she leaves me negative,, to try and get it removed, ugh im sure that wont happen i just dont know what to do ;(
  12. Bessie, if I told you the number of times I was hit with rudeness after the fact (auction ended), and the buyer was threatening me before they received the goods......

    It's unfortunately part of eBay. I think if someone is that hesitant why bother bidding. I always state in my auction, I will answer any question they have. However, once my auction ends, don't bother emailing me with ....I think I won a fake....
  13. I think you might be getting ahead of yourself worrying about a neg. Again, you are wanting to refund her money based on your feeling that she "may cause problems" however, other than a rude e-mail, do you really have any evidence to support this? I am on your side! You simply cannot take this stuff personally. Maybe she was burned before?
  14. good luck to you and please keep us posted. after the winner of my auction won he left me a negative because the bangles did not fit, and he just got really, really rude.sometimes we can not please everyone.just stay calm, and you will see this true,is it worth grey hairs?;)
  15. i know :sad: I dont get it why if this is her attitude didnt she email me before she bid? :sad: UGHHHH!!!

    I emailed her once again and said i had talked with ebay and they said to talk with her so i said i am writing to say i can either refund you, but i dont want a negative and so if that is your plan then i will send the bag but i am sending it with a padlock on it and she can email me for the combo when she decides its authentic

    i told her thats the only way i feel comfortable going ahead with this after the emailed i recieved
    so i said we can either mutually withdraw the transaction so no negative feedback can be left, or i will send it to her with the lock
    UGH !
    i guess no its a waiting game..