HELP!! I got my jacket and its huge on me :( Is there any way to shrink?

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  1. I got a Burberry Lennon and love it.. The only problem is that it's a little baggy in the back. I just washed it so would it shrink a little? I got it as a final sale so it can't be returned :sad:
  2. I suggest finding a good tailor. They might be able to take it in from the sides or back to make it smaller. Good luck!
  3. where did you get it and lovemydeals has the best opition
  4. you didn't try it on before buying?
  5. Bring it to the tailor. I'm still waiting for my burberry trench to come back from alterations. I'm small and the sleeves and parts of the trench needed to be altered to fit properly. Don't worry - a good tailor won't ruin the coat.:smile:
  6. I think if you take it to your local Burberry store, they should be able to have one of their tailors do it for you. At least, I could have sworn that Burberry will tailor the jacket for you. I maybe wrong though.
  7. I think you are right because I remember asking about shortening the sleeves on a wool coat, however, I also remember it being VERY expensive. I think they quoted me somewhere btwn $50 and $70!
  8. ^That's roughly how much it does cost if the tailor takes up the sleeve from the shoulders. However if they can, they can alter the sleeves at the bottom which is considerably cheaper.
  9. ^ also if Burberry does it, it will likely have the right threads added into the coat. Although regardless, a good tailor is going to charge you that much anyway b/c they have to take off the seams and then move it up. That's the best way to change lengths on a sleeve, especially if there's detail on the cuffs/ends of the sleeves.

    As for the back, you could see if Burberry could fix it for you!
  10. I guess I'm lucky as I know a good tailor and they do not charge that much at all to have the sleeves taken up. Its more like $30-40.