Help! I got ketchup on my LV :-(

  1. On my blue denim Baggy GM. I wiped most of it off, but you know how ketchup stains are. Help me! How do I get it off?
  2. OMG...I am sorry to hear it..

    I know vinegar can remove ketchup stains on jeans and clothes but not too sure about your bag. It's the same material as jeans but I don't know if you want to risk it.
  3. OMG! Im really sorry. Im not really sure if you want to try the vinegar as it might ruin the bag.:sad::flowers:
  4. :Push: Is it possible for you to bring it into LV? I won't rub it too much.Sorry I don't have a solution:sad: Really hope the stain will come out,good luck!:yes:
  5. if its still wet put equal (artifical sweetener) on it, and let it sit and untill it dries out then take it to lv, the chemicals in artifical sweeteners soad up stains and the wetter the stain is the better it will work to remove it (i saw it on te view) and dot push down on it when getting it off you want to omove the stain not push it further! HTH and hope it can be fixed!
  6. Oh I am sorry, I hope you can fix it! Why don't you try the LV store.
  7. just call the store
  8. totally agree!!! Call your LV store!!! good luck! and let us know what happens!!! ***hugs***
  9. I would call LV too. There are many products on the market that will take it out. I would want to know about the process of the denim first.
  10. Try this at your own risk....!

    On my Coach signature bags, I use carpet cleaner -- it's called Woolite OxyDeep and looks like this:

    So far, it's been great. I just received a used Coach bucket bag that I've been waiting months for and one finally appeared on ebay -- it was rather dirty. I sprayed the entire bag with this stuff, waited a few minutes and then blotted it out and rubbed in spots. I redid the top of the bag (the fabric bends over vs. having leather at the top) and it looks absolutely brand new now!

    I've never tried it on any other bags though, but it works wonders on my Coach ones... have spot cleaned another bag.

    Not sure if ketchup is one of those tricky stains though -- the kind that are hard to get out?

    Good luck in getting the stain out whatever you try!
  11. I have no idea, and I have never tried this, but maybe check out those Tide To-Go pens?
  12. Thanks to everyone who replied!!

    Last night after I posted this, I decided I didn't want to wait for the stain to set further, so I just took a white washcloth and dampened it with cold water and gently went to work on the stain. I was really surprised, it lifted quite easily. For added measure, I just used a super diluted amount of dishsoap (the lemon kind) and rubbed that in a little and then went over it again with cold water. It really only took me couple of minutes.

    I'm wondering if they scotchguarded the material because I still can't believe how easy it came out!!
  13. I'm glad to hear that everything worked out fine!
  14. Good for you!
    I was going to suggest the other carpet cleaner I LOVE called Folex. It's sold at Home Depot and Home Expo and works wonders..I use it for everything from clothing to small stains on cloth bags. And it doesn't leave a ring which is great!
  15. that's good news. I am glad the fabric is washable.