HELP!!!! I got blood on my bag!

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  1. Hi sorry idk where to post I cut my finger and didn't realize it and I got two blood spots on my light gray bbag :crybaby: Does anybody know how to get blood stains out? I thought I should ask before I tried anything.
  2. Oh no! That's horrible! I hope your finger is okay. As far as getting out the blood stains, Im not sure. Maybe a leather cleaner like apple guard? Sorry to hear that!
  3. That sounds horrible!!! Maybe you should take you handbag to a professional leather cleaner...
  4. Oh so sorry this happened to you! I would also take it to a professional cleaners!
  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking.......ughhhh
  6. Cold water usually helps to get rid of blood, I don't know how balenciaga's take to water ( I have a black one that shows no stains with water, but could be cuz it's black). If water doesn't stain lighter colored balenciaga, I personally (this is just my opinion mind you) would try some cold water and see if you can put little drops of water on the blood stain and blot using a clean side of a towel each time, trying to get the water to pull the stain out of the bag and into the water and then blotting. If you feel adventurous or have a part of the bag you don't mind testing you might want to try some mild soap with cold water and see that it dries ok without any discoloration. If you use any soap to remove the stain just be sure its mild and that you get all of it out and don't leave any residue on the bag.

    I recently spilled cranberry juice all over the bottom of my foley and corinna mid city tote (leather) and I literally had to dunk the whole bottom portion (mind you the stain was not fully dried) into cold water and squeezed the juice out and allowed it to diffuse into the cold water. The bag looks perfectly fine now. However, foley and corinna bags are considerably cheaper and the whole underside was about to be ruined so I had nothing to lose. Just a little tale to let you know that bags can come back from something that seems super terrible!

    If you are faint of heart about taking matters into your own hands I understand, but get it to a leather professional ASAP, blood is kind of like a pen stain in that once it sets sometimes they are really tricky to get out!

    Best of luck!
  7. I don't know about blood stains for sure, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I washed my '06 cognac city in woolite after reading some posts in the reference section, and it did not negatively effect the leather. From what I read, I believe the pH balance is such that it shouldn't damage the leather. Also - I've had all my bbags out in the rain and none have water spotted, so I *think* you can probably try the cold water idea without doing more harm to your bag.

    All that being said - if you have a trusted leather professional nearby, that would certainly be your safest route! Good luck - I hope you can rescue your beloved bbag!
  8. Oh no that's terrible!

    I would try calling a Bal store (if you live close to one) or any high end chain ( Nordies, Saks, NM, etc) and ask for a suggestion of where to take it-I'm sure they know some good leather places in your area that can work with high-end bags.
  9. Once it's clean get some good old protectant on it for the future. Will save heartbreak in the long run :smile: