HELP!! I got a denim stain on my new Stephen

  1. So i took my brand new mono stephen out for a shopping trip the other day, and I had so many shopping bags at the end of the day that i decided to hang my bag across my shoulder like a messenger bag....bad idea!! When i got home that night i realized my dark wash jeans (which i did wash prior to wearing, by the way) had rubbed off on the corners of my bag :crybaby: :wtf: :sad: can i clean this without damaging my bag??????? please help!!
  2. This sounds silly but did you try using an eraser from a pencil. It has worked for me before on small spots. :yes:

    Let us know if it works
  3. I use baby wipes to clean my bags.
  4. How did you enjoy carrying your Stephen by the way during a shopping trip?
    Was it too big or was it comfy. Seems like it would be comfy when you have the option to sling it across your body :yes:
  5. thanks for the suggestions, i will try them both and see which works....actually its funny you ask about how "comfy" it is....i was really excited about taking my bag shopping and at the end of the day i was totally sorry i did...first of all it is quite big, and depending on how much stuff you put in it, it can be quite heavy and tiring to carry it on your arm, plus whatever you're buying in your hands. And when i put it across my shoulder after a while it got pretty painful on my back...Although i absolutely LOVE the bag, i don't recommend taking it to the mall unless you're not planning on buying much!!! Or, carry it lightly, and across the looks amazing any way you carry it though!! It's a beautiful bag....

  6. Thanks for the input. I have this bag and have comtemplating returning it b-cuz I have yet to use it and am trying t fund a big purchase.

    Another PF'er once mentioned the Tulum GM being hard on the back to carry. i have that too but have not used it. LOL
    It would make sense that the Stephen might do that too.

    But its really a beauty though, isnt it?

    Good luck getting out your stains
  7. u poor thing....i hope u get the stain off ur gorgeous baby soon..

    don't u just hate it when that happens?

    good luck :smile:
  8. oh my gosh i hope you get the stains off. those jeans wouldn't have been true religion jeans by any chance because they rub off on everything.
  9. Just yesterday I made a similar mistake with my pochette tikal, cliped it to my jeans...after reading success from some here, I ued a mr. clean magic eraser, lightly....I was amazed, it totally worked! good luck.