Help!! I found a Brand New Reporter! Now should I buy it??

  1. Hello All,

    I've been wanting this bag for ages and boom what do you know I find it at a department store brand new with tags never sold at 30% off retail 3175. Now why do I need help you ask. Well I just went crazy and managed to rack up 5 bags within the last 2 weeks and the bag is white with the black CC instead of the reverse which I want because maintenance is a b**** on it. What would you do in the situation? Yes the bag is already being held with the credit card information ready to go. I need you hear from the white reporter owners on the maintenance of the bag is it really as bad as I'm being told by others????? Help please I need to make a decision soon. Thanks!!!
  2. I have this bag in white and I find it easy to maintain. It's still as clean as the day I bought it, and I have used it a lot!!!! I love white bags....but you said you really wanted this bag in black......honestly? I think you should pass, because this is not the bag you really wanted.
  3. If you wanted it in black i should say.. PASS!
  4. hmm this is a hard one!!
    I'm one the girls who hopes to run into this bag someday. I want it in black to.....
    I wouldn't go for the white one, if this bag is meant to be, your gonna find one in black!
  5. :yes: I think you should pass on this one if that is not the colour you want.

    I'm sure you will find your black one day! Good Luck!!!
  6. I personaally say go for it, the white is hot!
  7. I have the brown on brown one and love it!!!
  8. this is a is a very very hard bag, in any color combo, to find at all anymore in the stores....and who knows if its real on eBay unless from one of tPF recommended/trusted sellers. the 30% off is a definite enticer and deal maker
    i am a believer in 3 schools of thought on bags we have wanted forever and then eventually find: (a) either we realize its an 'old idea" and don't want it anymore or (b) its the "meant to be" school that it buy it buy it now! and (c) something about it isnt what we dreamed about (in this case, the color) but we rethink it and decide it would be a crime against humanity not to buy it anyway since it has been on our wish list forever

    PS I bought this very bag in the classic tan with black CC from a lovely PFer for a price i won't mention here because of the possibility of me being responsible for people falling into and remaining in a jealous swoon for days..........:p

    PPS the white is beautiful
  9. Thanks all, after much consideration I still don't know what to do. I have a few more days and I heading down to Atlantic City over the weekend so maybe if I hit the jackpot I'll just buy it!!LOLOL. If not I'll pass the information on to someone who definitely wants to buy it.
  10. Ok, I got a call from my SA this bag will be included in the Second Cut sale so there will be an add'l 30% off so this takes this bag to less than half price I'm definitely getting it now. Worst case scenario I can always sell this bag at a decent profit it I find it in the black with white CC's. Thanks ladies, this marks my 2nd Chanel purchase in as many weeks. You girls are hard on the wallet. LOL Now is the wallet still available?????
  11. if you really want the black one, you should pass
    I was in the same situation as you are. I had been seraching for a blaick with black CC. I saw a pink ones, white ones, and even black with white CC, I didn't get them.
  12. If you can afford it I say GO FOR IT!!!!! A white bag would be perfect for Summer
  13. If it's 30% off plus an additional 30%, I say go for it! I think it's a great color, love white bags.
  14. I stay away from large white bag.