HELP! I feel like my buyer, a Power Seller, is stringing me!

  1. I just typed a very long post only to disappear when I hit 'submit'.

    Anyway, I've been lurker here for awhile now but this is my first time posting and it's sad that is has to be about this. I would just like to put a timeline of what happened with a Gucci bag I recently sold on eBay.

    January 22: Sold the Gucci bag through a best offer.
    January 23: Buyer said he will pay the next day.
    January 24 - 28: No payment so I asked why.
    January 26: Buyer said he sent money order last Jan 24. Never got it.

    January 29:
    Email from buyer: "Hi! I just got back from seeing if I can cancel the money order and they will not let me being it has not even been a week. They told me I can cancel it Friday. If you can let me know you received this message being we have been having problems with the email. Let me know Friday if the money order arrives or not so I can get you paid and stop payment on it.."​

    February 1: I told the buyer no money order received.

    February 1: Buyer said he paid for the post office to do a trace and said post office won't refund until they find out if the MO was really cashed or not.

    February 1: I asked the buyer to fax over the copies of the money order stub and receipt just to give me a peace of mind. Buyer said he doesn't have a fax machine but will mail the receipts asap and will fax them when he's at work but he's out sick that day.

    February 2-4: Emails again about getting those receipts.

    February 4-11: Silence.

    February 11: I filed for a NPB dispute. Did not hear anything for 6 days until the seventh day, when I could have just closed the dispute and leave him a negative feedback.

    February 18: Here's from the dispute console thread:

    BUYERFeb-18-08 at 06:43:03 PST
    I am so sorry you have not heard from me. I was out of Town on a family emergency. My grandmother had a severe stroke and I had to be at the hospital and then find a nursing home for her to go to. I was not near a computer so I am so sorry for the delay. The money order was not cashed and I am going to pick up the money today. Please let me know your PayPal address and I will PayPal you today.Again I am so sorry for the inconvience and the lack of communication on my part.

    MEFeb-18-08 at 10:10:59 PST
    You should be able to find my paypal address on your MyEbay. Just click on the link to pay for the item.

    BUYER Feb-18-08 at 11:26:08 PST You do not have to be so nasty. I just wanted to get this deal closed and am sorry about what happenedin my family. A little kindness goes a long way my dear

    MEFeb-18-08 at 17:03:45 PST Nasty? I was just being matter-of-factly. That is exactly where you find the email address. If anyoneasked me that question, I would have answered the same way. And I added my email address just in case you still can't find it. However, for someone who has had over 200 FB's and recently purchasedan item from Fashionphile, I assumed it won't be difficult for you to find the link. Kindness does go a long way. In fact, it takes awhile to bear the fruit of patience - 4 days short of 1 month.

    BUYERFeb-19-08 at 06:53:00 PST Your attitute is making me nervous and I just hope this bag is authentic like you state and not a fake.

    ME Feb-19-08 at 08:43:25 PST I have been nothing but patient with you. You never really did send the MO receipt when I asked you for it which leads me to suspect that there was no MO sent in the first place. After almost a monthof waiting, you still haven't paid. You recently purchased an item & sold and shipped a bunch of items when you're supposedly out of town taking care of someone. You know my item is authentic and I will go to court if I have to to prove that it is.

    ME Feb-19-08 at 09:10:55 PST You also said yesterday that you know the MO you supposedly sent wasn't cashed and that you would payme last night through Paypal and you still didn't. I think I waited enough for you. If you had buyer'sremorse, I wish you would just say so.

    BUYER Feb-19-08 at 10:50:16 PST
    I have been taken on eBay and really want your bag for my wife. She has wanted this bag for a long time. Please let me know you stand behind authenticity. I receintly received a fake bag from anotherseller and it makes me uneasy. Just let me know and I will pay you. Again sorry for all of the craziness.

    ME Feb-19-08 at 10:53:39 PST
    You mailed the money order receipt? When? I haven't received that as well. Don't you think that if our positions were reversed, you would think it's a little bit weird that everything you mailed to me got lost in the mail? I asked that that receipt be faxed to me as well to avoid anymore lost mailissues. You, as a powerseller with a good feedback really is the only reason why I'm still communicatingwith you. I'd like to believe that not everyone on eBay is a scammer.

    ME Feb-19-08 at 11:09:30 PST
    I agree, everything has been crazy with this transaction at this point. I stand behind authenticity,I stated that on my auction. I have the receipt and the business card of the SA who sold this to me from Gucci. I am shipping this bag tagged per stories of sellers who shipped an authentic bag only to receive a fake bag after the buyer returns it, saying it's fake.

    ME Feb-19-08 at 11:14:31 PST
    And just to let you know, I was grateful to see your FB score and was relieved to know I have someoneknowledgeable with designer items winning my auction. I know you know that you were looking at an authentic item before you decided to place your bid. I'm sure you did your homework.

    This buyer bought an item from Fashionphile and paid for it (he got a positive FB for it) around this time. So I'm not sure about the paypal account that cannot be accessed by his assistants.

    I'm really worried that this buyer would pay just to avoid a NPB strike against him but will then return the item and claim it is fake.

    I told him I'm tagging my bag (just in case he does a bait-and-switch) and that I have the receipt and business card of the SA who sold this to me. I'm about to refer him to this forum as well for authentication but then again, shouldn't he have done BEFORE he placed that offer? I know he knows it's authentic because he's been buying and selling LV's and other designer bags. I think he would just pay to avoid the NPB strike and then cry "fake" so he can get his money back.

    I'm so depressed. :sad:
  2. That;s crazy!
  3. What a fruitcake!!

    Make sure you do whatever is neccessary to protect yourself. Send fully insured with signature confirmation and tag the bag
  4. He's full of it. Yes, he has strung you along. There is no way in the world I would've put up with his a$$ for this long. This is 2008. How long does it really take to send thru a PayPal payment? And what does his ill Grandma have to do with anything? I bet he found a way to take the time eat and sleep when she was sick. He could've taken a few minutes to send thru a PayPal payment. It's not rocket science, as he obviously knows. My father has had SEVERAL strokes and I found a way to live and pay my bills as usual while at the same time, working full time and driving over an hour back and forth from home to the hospital every day and sometimes twice a day to take care of him AND my mother. What does he mean, "I was not near a computer...."? What planet does this guy live on? WE ARE ALL NEAR a computer! They're everywhere! THEN this guy has the nerve to get *****y with you and question authenticity ALMOST A MONTH AFTER HIS PAYMENT WAS DUE?! Unreal. And I don't believe for a minute that he ever sent a money order.

    Sorry. You'd think he owed ME the money, righ?!? LOL! I get so pissed at people like this. If he hasn't paid you yet, get your fees back from eBay and neg him. For all our sakes.

    Good luck.
  5. :wtf:
    I cannot believe how patient you were. Kudos to you.

    The "sick grandmother in the hospital" thing gets old.
  6. I'd take a lot of pictures of the bag, tag it and take more pictures. Make sure it's something unique to your bag so that it can't be duplicated easily. I wouldn't give him another single day to pay. Tell him the gig is up. You're almost at 30 days. Game over, IMO.
  7. I wish peoples family members would stop getting ill during ebay transactions..only joking..but how is it relevant? You were not rude by saying my paypal is a click on my ebay. Rude would be saying ' get stuffed '. Anyway, this person sounds nervous about fakes but he should have asked before bidding. If he has changed min he could ask you nicely to cancel...a little kindness goes a long way after all:rolleyes:
  8. so sorry u had a ebay user like thta...:tdown:

  9. I got a bit lost in this as I am sure you have LOST IT. Anyways, Where is the Money? What I think you need to do is get a ### that is good for one hour to contact paypal and talk to them, see if they have any ideas? I have gotten great help from them VIA PHONE. I really don't see why you can't send a "End Sale" on the item, and see what the buyer responds and go from there? This whole non payment thing did not work before. I would go the what comes around goes around thing. One strike leads to another...and what with the buyer can't leave negative feedback where does that play out with the new rules, I am not sure of them. I would file the End Sale and go from there reporting that you have copies of all email responses from the seller and you wish to end the sale, as it has already cost you in fee's and you have not collected. I think that you need to do something over the phone too. That was when I got great results as you can say what is really going on with out the buyer reading and hearing it. I will check in on you to see. I am Harldane2 on ebay, let me know if I can be a good sounding board:confused1:
  10. Thank you for all your support. I just have a few questions. If I close the dispute and leave the buyer a negative feedback, can he retaliate? Will his negative feedback affect my score?
  11. Not sure about feedback now. have the rules changed yet?
  12. Why do you think he responded to the dispute? So that he can leave you negative feedback. He's slick. He knew that if he didn't respond, he couldn't retaliate against you. And yes, it will affect your score. I know. It's a horrible situation to be put in buy eBay and idiot buyer's like this.

    I'd file for my fees back and leave him a negative. Feedback is important but don't become a slave to it. It's about to take a HUGE turn for the absolute worse for seller's anyway. Let everyone know what type of buyer he is. In fact, I wouldn't mind if you posted a link to the auction so that I could block him. LOL!

  13. Well, I am not sure I will try to check the email's that I just received. You know if you try to close/end the sale they have to respond in rebutal and I would just not leave them feedback

    We have to see on the new rules!

    Also, send them a email telling them that you are going to submit a request to end sale based on agreeing between you both

    Tell the buyer that it would be best for both of you if he agrees to end sale that way you can get your listing fee's and they can move on and buy the bag that they really want.

    Or say that you are uncomfortable with them questioning the bags authentic nature when you end sale, so you would like to let them out of the sale:confused1:
  14. ...and also this person could leave a neg even if he goes through with the purchase. He sounds a bit grumpy already.:wondering
  15. I would have filed a claim along time ago, your more patient than me!