Help... I fall in love again!


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Nov 10, 2005
Everybody, I need your help. I went to LV today and fell in love with the new monogram canvas bag called "Klara" and "Mizi". But I also want a paddington. I have been wanting a brown bag. I also have a few LVs, but I just can't seem to decide between LV "Klara"/"Mizi"/Chloe Paddington.. I want to post the picture of the bags from the LV's website but I wasn't able to do it.. I was wondering if somebody can post the pictures of the two bag. It will be great!

I know LV is always a classic, but I also love the paddington. I don't know... I want to buy all of them. But then again, I also need a clutch and was deciding to buy white monogram multicolor "shirley" bag. So I am planning to buy the clutch and one other bag (one of the LV or Paddington). I cannot afford all of them. It just seems very wrong to buy all at the same time as I kinda feel guilty towards my parents :embarasse.

So what do u guys think? LV "Klara" OR LV "Mizi" OR Chloe Paddington (most probably one of the spring model)????


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Sep 13, 2005
I'm gonna go with the Paddington. I have it in rouge and love it more than anything. It is different and very beautiful. I also think because it isn't really ornate, it will be stylish and fashionable forever. Espcially since you already own some LVs, I'd go with the Paddy!!

I'm on a laptop right now, but when I get home I'll try to post the pictures for you of the LV bags!


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Sep 13, 2005
I saw them on the LV site but I also don't know how to link them here... As I've said on a few threads, I'm not an LV fan but I like those two better than any other LVs I've seen.

That having been said, I own two Paddingtons and LOVE THEM!


Sep 28, 2005
My fave of the LV's is the Mizi :love: pretty! I have no experience with the paddy, but many ladies here love it. I heard some say that it's heavier due to the hardware, and I'm a fan of lighter bags since I already weigh myself down with too much junk in my bags:embarasse It totally depends on the style you want--if you have an LV collection, break it up with something new. The canvas may be sturdier than the leather if you're talking about everyday use, and then another question is how do the sizes compare, and do you want a bag to carry on your arm, or shoulder, or hand? all things to consider :smile: