HELP!! I dont like my MAM =(

  1. i ordered a mam in wine from catalina and it came today, BUT....

    it was wine with BURGUNDY SUEDE!!

    oh no... i cant believe i didnt realize it.. and im not really feeling the color combo ladies, its too christmasy for me.. :sad:

    should i just sell it on eBay? because it says on the receipt final sale, no returns, no exchange

    i cant picture myself ever wearing this:crybaby:
    DSC_0252.jpg DSC_0250.jpg DSC_0253.jpg
  2. Oh NO! I know what you mean. I love the wine leather. You should eBay it, I think it is a beautiful purse, but suede is a tough one for me too, especially with two little ones & their grubby little paws!
  3. Oh Crap! I hate when stuff like that happens! Sometimes it's realllly hard to tell from a picture if a bag is suede. So, Yes! totally try to sell it on eBay. Lots of people out there love suede taht don't have kids and would love it!!! good luck.
  4. thanks guys! :flowers:

    and i was so happy when the UPS guy came today :s
  5. oh no! are you sure they sent you the right bag? i'm assuming you go this from the sample sale? what was the wording of the description? i would try to see if you can exchange it-- doesn't hurt to ask! it sounds like there was miscommunication.
  6. I am not feeling either.
  7. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, how disappointing :sad:
  8. she said MAM in wine/burgundy suede..

    although i replied saying "i want the MA mini in wine"

    do you think i should even bother to email her? and see if i can return it..:sad:
    i didnt even know such a combo existed, i just focused on the wine part
  9. I'm not really feeling it =/

    I love the wine leather color but not so much the suede. I had a suede bag a few years ago but its just too much maintenance and gets dirty too easily
  10. Whoa! This SAME situation happened to me. I ordered the wine/burgundy from the list, thinking it was the Wine MAM. I was so happy to get it at that price! Then, by chance, I found out that it was burgundy suede with wine leather and I tried to cancel my order. It got a bit messy because according to Cat, the order had already processed. Anyhow, I was able to cancel it and was out about 15 bucks.
  11. i would try to return it. forward the email conversion that shows you said "wine". i would also say you're on tPF, couldn't hurt.
  12. monkeedmafia, what a huge disappointment, I'm so sorry. If they won't take it back, I'm sure you can offload it on eB@y!