Help I don't know why it's so hard!

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  1. I want to buy an everyday bag (I have LOTS of bags) but have narrowed it down to a Mono PM Delightful or
    Mono MM Totally
    please give me your thoughts on these!
  2. I prefer the Delightful but it you want a tote or hobo and does the zipper matter? They both are super comfortable, beautiful and great everyday bags. Good luck deciding!
  3. This is a hard one. Just Like Too Many Want More said, both are great bags and both are very comfortable. For me it would boil down to whether or not you prefer a hobo/one handle, or a tote/two handles, with a zipper. I've had my Delightful a long time and really like it but I recently got a Totally and haven't put it down since, only because it's easier for me to get in and out of. It's a toss up and you can't go wrong with either choice, IMO. Have fun deciding.
  4. I have them both..Delightful PM and Totally MM. For me the Delightful is my go-to bag. I love it.
  5. Oh thank you some good points! The Delightful sags so much that it might drive me nuts! lol I have an Artsy and metis so I'm thinking maybe I need a bag with a zipper? For my bags with zippers I have speedys, raspail, and palermo. I have a several of both. UGH
  6. I vote totally. I do like the slouchy look of the delightful but the zipper and side pockets of the totally win me over! Good luck deciding!
  7. Thanks! I guess I should have said that I fly a lot and this bag was intended to be my flying bag so I'm thinking the zipper is a plus.
  8. I vote the delightfu!
  9. Totally has zipper. Its good for security reason. :smile:
  10. I prefer zippers because I do not like when my purse falls over and all my things fall out, however I do not prefer the look of totally because it reminds me of a diaper bag. I do really like the look of delightful! Another option is the sully it has a similar look to delightful, but has a zipper. I own 1 as well. Can't go wrong with either one, good luck!