Help! I don't know what to do!!!

  1. I sold a bag on eBay to the nicest person in Australia! Here is the problem, I shipped it back on June 21 via USPS priority insured shipping. I am worried because it still has not gotten to her and the tracking says it is still in customs. Should I panic yet or is it normal to take this long???

    Someone help, I am so bummed! I really loved this buyer and just want her to be happy!!!
  2. This is what the USPS website says:

    Label/Receipt Number:
    Status: Into Foreign Customs

    Your item is being processed by customs. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
  3. Hey Jag! May I ask how much was the bag or how much you declared it to be? If it's over USD$850, then she'll probably be charged customs tax. It does take a few days, possibly a week or two, to clear customs. Customs will contact her. She'll have to pick it up from them and pay the tax at the same time.
  4. hiya...i always have trouble with customs!!!whatever my dad sends from south america seems to spend a long holiday courtesy of customs here in australia.
    i know they are very strict with checking parcels and with what is or not allowed to come into the country because of the quarantine policies they have here and this might include leather items.
    i am sorry i cannot be more helpful but hopefully someone with more knowledge might give you a more straightforward answer...
  5. This sounds normal to me. I sent a bag via USPS to someone in Canada (I'm in NY). It took over 2 weeks to get to her. It was stuck in cutoms for awhile.
  6. Thank you so much for responding ladies! I feel so much better! You are all the best!

    Leanbeanee it was Chloe Quilted Bay that I insured for $1650. I wanted everything on the customs forms to be perfect!
  7. OK. She definitely has to pay tax :push: so it'll take a little longer. Tell her not to worry. It's coming. Customs will contact her. :smile: She can call Australia Post and give them the tracking number. They might be able to tell her something too.
  8. Oh! Congrats on selling that beauty bay!!! :nuts:
  9. Thanks leanbeanee!!!!:heart:
  10. Someone from Australia recently posted on the eBay forum regarding some items she had purchased from Fashionphille - customs rang her and was asking what type of leather the bags were made of.
  11. I am still nervous. The bag has been in Australian customs for over 2 weeks! Should I call them? I really don't understand how it could take this long, yu know! Mailed out 6/21 and almost a month later still not there.:crybaby:
  12. It is a long time, not familiar with Australian customs... did you contact the buyer? maybe she knows more, if there is a problem I think they will contact the buyer.

    I have received items from the States in Holland, I have to either pay if it is a small fee to the delivery company, if it is a large amount I get an invoice from the customs, to pay.
  13. Well, if its in the custom, it usually take 3-4 weeks for them to contact the buyer.:push:

    At least you know where the package is, mine is a different story. I have a bag shipped out from US on 12 July via EMS, its been 6 days and passed the guarantee time, its still hasn't arrived in Australia yet.........and I'm freaking out!!!!

    Label/Receipt Number:
    Detailed Results:
    International Dispatch, July 12, 2007, 9:39 pm, Chicago (O'Hare) AMC
  14. The buyer contacted me. She was finally contacted by customs and will have to pay a duty because it was valued at over $1000. So it is just held up, but like bb10lue rightfully said, at least I know where it is. Ugh.

    I totally feel for you bb10lue! But if it is any consolation, I sent a package to the UK via EMS and it still took 2 weeks to get delivered. Hang tight, it will get there- Australian customs is just really strict!

  15. hopefully it gets through quick... I realize that US customs are so much easier. NEVER ever I had to pay customs. Only once when I had a container of moving stuff coming over they wanted to Xray it.. that was all...I had bags.. scarfs... everything coming...never a problem.