Help!!! I don't know what to do!!!

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  1. I really, really wanted this Gold Reissue from the catalogue that sweetsparkle posted from Berdgof Goodman.. (Am I correct with the spelling?! Hehe.) I contacted the SA and they told me that they already had me on the list but the problem is... They don't reply me with when are they going to receive this! Will it be this June? Will it be this July? August? or September?! I really have no idea after all... Should I wait? Or return to my list and consider buying a Light Silver Large Cotton Club Tote? But if I'm going to buy the Light Silver Large Cotton Club Tote, and if the Gold Reissue comes sooner than September, I won't be able to buy it, not until September!! Because I need to save up again for this handbag!! What do you guys think?? I really need help on this!! Thanks!!
  2. I think hold out for True Love!!!!
  3. I was not aware that Chanel was bringing back the gold reissue. I thought it was only dark silver, light silver and black metallic. The pictures they have in the look books are not good indicators because what you really have to look at is the color code. Just because they show a gold reissue doesn't mean that is the bag that is coming back, it could just be a picture to show the style. Brendan at Chanel only said dark silver, light silver and black metallic.
  4. Rica I agree with Mon; my SA said that there will be no gold reissues as far as Europe is concerned::sad:better check it up directly with Chanel France!Good luck!
  5. Chanel at boston says there will not be any gold re-issue either.. I suggest you ask your SA to verify again and tell her your situation. I'm sure any good SA will want to help. Good luck!
  6. I asked Galina from Bergof Goodman and she said that they're going to have it for fall. But she did not mention when will it arrive.. Should I keep waiting though? Or move on with another handbag?
  7. It sounds like you really want it badly (?) so i'd have to say wait it out.
  8. I really, really wanted a gold reissue... I am actually waiting for the one that's going to be released this fall.. But if it's not really coming out this fall.. I might just give the option of buying the Rose Gold Reissue from last year... Although it sounds a little pricey because I'm not going to buy it directly from the Chanel Boutique (coz' I know it's already sold out!), I'm going to buy it in Milan station (second-hand shop here in Hong Kong), but of course, in brand new condition.. It is HKD 21,000 which is around USD $2695... Do you guys think it's worth it??? Spending $2695 for the Rose Gold Reissue from Last Year???
  9. Rica,Chanelfans has just got a gold reissue for$23...something,why don't you ask her about it?Now concerning the second-hand rose one with this price tag I'd rather you did't get it-difficult colour to match!BTW do you have any light /dark silver ?they're absolutely gorgeous and match with everything!:yes:
  10. I don't have any light / dark silver.. I think the gold one is easier to match than the silver one (I'm not a silvery person. hehe.) Oh well, then my only option now is to find a Gold Reissue that is still available there in USA coz' here in Hong Kong.. It's HOPELESS.. I tried e-mailing this SA a few times already last week and last weekend, but still I don't have her reply. The last e-mail that she told me is that she's going to put me on the waitlist, but she didn't mention me WHEN they're going to receive this new colors of gold reissues... :sad: BTW, how much is the Gold Reissue which was released last year? I'm thinking of buying that one instead... :biggrin: In 226 size.. Thanks!
  11. can someone post a pic of the gold and silver reissue? Thanks!
  12. glamstudio: it's all in the Chanel Reference Library. :biggrin:
  13. Rica last year's gold reissue was intense yellow/gold with ruthenium/silverlike H/W if I recollect correctly-I was going for this one too because I usually wear gold jewelery,watch etc,but I fell for the light silver as soon as I saw it.They had only the 225 left it was around New Year and I got it for Euros1500 approx. $1950 so I guess the 226 would have been around $2100.
    Oh there's another gold flap coming with a lion head closure, check thread "Re:Pre-Fall/Act 1 the main section (around May 15)sorry I can't link pix...yet!
    IMO wait until you see it IRL and then decide-I have many times got disappointed when I saw the colours IRL!Good luck!:girlsigh:
  14. ^ Thanks chanelspell for the advice! Unfortunately, it's very hard to find Chanel Handbags IRL.. Especially those that are in demand here in Hong Kong.. The only ones I saw the last time I went are the beige and black GSTs, PSTs,etc. Thanks!!! I think I'm going to wait and see if there's a Gold Reissue that's going to pop out there in USA! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  15. You are always welcome!:smile:I know what you mean!Neither in Vienna where I live nor in Greece that I come from can I always find what I'm looking for!Can you believe there's only one Chanel boutique in these countries!!!:wtf:At least from Vienna we can reach other countries by car!lol!