Help! i dont know what to bring to Florida!


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Feb 14, 2007
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DH is taking me, my sis and her bf to Orlando, FL this sunday as his surprise birthday present for me. :love: Everything is packed except for a LV...

My problem is... i dont know what to bring! Im trying to pick between (my miniscule collection :shame:smile: a BH, mini lin speedy, azur saleya pm or my red epi large sac d'epaule (its an older style, looks like a noe).

Which do you all think would be able to withstand the weather, disneyworld and universal studios???

TIA!!! :upsidedown:


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Sep 25, 2006
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I personally would NOT take my LVs into any theme park, unless they were relatively small messenger type cross-body bags. They get wet and dirty on the rides and attractions, and could be prone to damage.

If you are just going to dinner and shopping at the outlets or the Millenia Mall, your BH would be your best bet.

It is incredibly HOTT now ( unbelieveable since Dec is just days away) so your Azur could also be carried. Good luck !!!!!!!!
Nov 2, 2006
I'm an hour south of Orlando and go all the time. I never bring a bag into the park with me because you have no where to put them on the rides (unless you rent a locker, which they have stations all over the park). Universal only has 1 ride-the mummy (HIGHLY recommend!). When I bring a bag, I leave it in the car (NEVER the hotel) while I'm in the park. The weather is hot right now, I wore shorts and a tank today and cranked the ac as high as I could on the ride around town, so be prepared. And def put some time aside for shopping. You have the Florida Mall and the Mall of the Millenia which are awesome and 5 outlet malls to dig through. HAVE FUN!!


Jul 30, 2007
Saleya! It has a zip top, so that's good. And whenever I go on rides I either hug it lol, or put my leg through the strap and over my knee so it kind of presses it against the back of the seat...sorry that wasn't too clear! have fun!
Oct 24, 2006
uhh for the theme parks i would take a backpack...not an LV

but for the rest of the trip, you bring the Sayela :heart:


Oct 14, 2007
Take a shoulder bag.. You might get tired of carrying a bag around all day at a park. Thats my advice :smile:

You're gonna have sooo much fun!!

EDIT: Oh, Definitely DO NOT leave your LV in the car! Too much heat and it might get stolen!

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Mar 28, 2006
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a shoulder that is light, part of me wants to say something none lv this way you dont have to worry yourself about the bag.

You will want something that will carry extras so your hands are free.
May 16, 2007
Remember to take Damier Canvas because we have rain for the past couple days and bring some eye-candy. My SA always comment me on my MC because not a lot of ppl wear eye-candy purse here, they go for the everyday use a lot. I saw a Speedy Miroir once.


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Jun 7, 2007
shoulder bag, i went to disney world last week and brought my neverfull.
I hadn't gone to many rides when I was there... but shoulder bag must easier to carry around...

have fun...


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Jul 24, 2006
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Oh don't ask me! When I went to FL in May (for three weeks), I took, my Petit Noe (used as a carry-on), Panda and Azur Pochettes, Speedy 30, not to mention a Coach leather Swing-Pack, large Signature Stripe Tote and a leather clutch.

What did I use the most? The Pochettes, and the Coach Swing Pack. I should add that I also have the long strap for the pochettes which was really nice since I could then wear them cross-body.

I used my Speedy twice, and the Noe only got used on the airplane (and it was in a cheap nylon Hello Kitty tote since I am anal about keeping the vachetta bottom clean. My huge Coach tote also got used once. I would definetely use the Speedy again on a trip as it can fold down.