HELP! I don't know if I should keep this bag ...


Do you think this is a good price?

  1. Yes, keep it! It looks good one you!

  2. No, you can find this bag at this price easily...

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  1. Ok, I bought this bag over the weekend at Holt's. It was originally CAD$1745 but was marked down to CAD$1199. I've been wanting to buy a shoulder bag, but never thought about this one since it's techinically not a shoulder bag... but I couldn't bring myself NOT to buy it since it was on sale! :sweatdrop: Not sure if I can get much use out of it since I've never own such a big bag.... and does it look tight over my shoulder? Is this a good price or you guys think I can find one at that price easily in the future?

    Attached are some pics of me wearing it. let me know what you think!

  2. Keep it!

    1) Very versatile color, goes witih everything.
    2) It's NOT too big! :smile: Your eyes will adjust to the size.
    3) It looks great on you
    4) It's practical
    5) You got a sweet deal.

    What's not to love!
  3. Keep it! The work is a great style! When I got my first work, I thought it was sooo big - now I am thinking about a weekender! :p Seriously, it looks great on you and I know you will love it! Great price, too!
  4. it looks fabulous on you! and what a price!! keep it for sure:yes:
  5. wow it looks great on you. i say definitely a keeper.
  6. Keep!
  7. It looks brilliant on you and the colour looks so rich and yummy! Keep it!:yes:
  8. I think it looks really good! However, if you're not feeling 100% satisfied, I'd return it. You have a lot of choice at $1199. You could get a smaller version for about that price and in your desired color.
  9. U shld keep this bag....definitely it looks gd on you......;) ;)
  10. YUM... gorgeous bag and colour

    She's a keeper!
  11. looks great on you! KEEP IT! :smile:
  12. It looks fabulous on you and it will look great in every season so I think you should keep it!:yes:
  13. It looks good on you
  14. Keep it!
  15. I think it's a keeper! Great colour, great style, and it suits you very well.