Food Help! I desperately need recipes for appetizers and cocktails

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Mar 26, 2007
OK, here goes, I said yes, (like an idiot) to a Progressive Party without giving myself enough time to get my act together! (They asked me this past Monday to participate) The party is December 1st, yikes! Now I feel like I'm going to :throwup:

So, my friends I need any great ideas you may have for wonderful hor d'oeuvres and fab cocktails. One of my girlfriends suggested Chocolate Drop Martini's. (Yeah or nay? I have no clue) I just want the drinks to go with the hor d'oeuvres, if that makes any sense? Something simple and yummy!
My house is the first house, so that is why I am only doing appetizers and drinks.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am seriously idiotic when it comes to stuff like this. :confused1:
TIA and major {{Hugs in advance}} if anyone has some easy recipes, I am desperate.


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Apr 20, 2007
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Stuffed cherry tomatoes, cucumber rounds topped with pesto, hot spinach and artichoke dip, hummus and baked pita chips, tortilla spirals, stuffed mushrooms, crab and cheese dip,


Nov 28, 2005
you should try the stuffed mushroom recipe as well as the crab wantons recipe in this subforum. i've tried the mushrooms and they were delicious! i also love to put out just a simple spread of meats and cheese (prima donna is a delicious cheese, and almost everyone loves a good brie), some fig spread to dip the cheese in, with some good crusty bread. in addition, pretty much anything tastes good wrapped in puff pastry-you can make mini puff pastry cheeseburgers, fruit morsels, seafood pockets---pretty much anything you can imagine.

as for drinks, something i love is just good vodka mixed with apple pucker in a martini glass with a thin slice of granny smith apple floating on top-it's pretty and festive looking and oh so yummy. for prettier presentation, you can rim the glasses in colored sugars. my girlfriends also love mimosas made with dry champagne, some grand marnier, and fresh peach juice (blend, strain, etc) or blood orange juice (makes it a super pretty color).

oh-and pom (the pomegranate juice) is delicious mixed into a cocktail as well-you can add it to some champagne, or mix it with some sugar, lemon juice, and vodka and sparkling water.


Aug 30, 2006
1. Dips and chips (or pita bread). I love baking pita bread wedges in the oven to make them crisp chips. Then offer it with a spinach dip, salsa, and hummus. Makes a colorful, classy presentation.

2. Shrimp cocktail. You can get ready-to-serve rounds at Trader Joes, Costco, or maybe your local market. If not, you can line a serving plate with romaine lettuce, then a layer of ice, and the shrimp on the ice. Small bowl in the middle with the cocktail sauce.

3. Proscuitto wrapped asparagus

4. "martini" tomato salad- If there aren't too many people, you can do this. Buy that buffalo mozzarella that comes in small circles, cut them in half. Cut grape tomatoes in half. Toss with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh chopped basil, salt, and pepper, and place them in martini glasses. Really tasty, and again, very presentable.

5. Vegetables and dip. Very plain, not my taste but an easy option. You can get the ready-made trays at Costco. I always see tons of leftovers of these when I see them at parties.

6. Cheese and crackers. Buy some nice, different shaped wedges of cheese, variety of table crackers, keep some knives nearby and let everyone cut their own pieces as desired.

7. Mini-quiches (ready made ones at Costco)- I prefer freshly prepared foods, but these are pretty good for pre-prepared foods.

That's all I can think of for now... will post more as they come into my head. Good luck.


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Oct 4, 2006
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I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's myself and they have a TON of easy appetizers to heat up for the appetizer-challenged.....
Or you could go to and they have a bunch of suggestions as well!


Sep 21, 2007
I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's myself and they have a TON of easy appetizers to heat up for the appetizer-challenged.....
Or you could go to and they have a bunch of suggestions as well!
I was on today and they have a whole tab on the page dedicated to party food and drinks. That could help you out.:yes:


Nov 30, 2007
Try that crab wonton and stuffed mushroom recipe that's posted in here! I'm gonna try it tomorrow!