Help I.D. these jeans!

  1. oh my gosh! perfect pair! skinny jean but not too tight! howcome i cant find jeans like these @ bloomies? Is Nordstroms better with jean selection??


  2. Are they Rock & Republic?

    Why were the pics taken in a toilet?
  3. the pic is super dark its hard to tell
  4. a shot of the back pocket would help. are these your jeans?
  5. If I had to guess, I'd say they're R&R's but its nearly impossible to tell from the pics...

  6. oooh... that plunger in the back adds character :wlae:
  7. Can you ask the person that has the picture?
  8. I dont think theyre rock republics. the rivets are too big to be RR in my opinion.
  9. what do the back pockets look like?
  10. I have some R&R skull jeans and they have studs bigger than those
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    It's impossible to tell with those pics... need a pic of the button or the back pocket or something..
  12. The "scenery" is too funny.

    I'd just go try on jeans at a large department store or local place w/ a good selection and I'm sure you can find something you like that works w/ your body.
  13. errr not r&r imo, front pockets don't look right..... if you're looking for some good skinnies, try r&r costellos [more straight leg, but fitted through the butt and thigh] or coh ava's
  14. ^^^ I agree on the COH ava's. They are lowr ise like that and have similar washes and are pretty much the same fit.