HELP!! I.D. Boots!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

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  1. Can someone please I.D. these beautiful boots worn here by Kate Bosworth. I think they are Marc Jacobs, but I'm not sure. If anyone can tell me anything about them that would be amazing! If anyone knows the designer, the season, where they can be purchased, if they run true to size please let me know :tup:
    Thank you so much for you're help!

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  2. can't really see em, could be these Marc by Marc Jacobs:


    or these


    both available at Zappos
  3. I don't think either of those are it, but thank you Sooo much for your help : )

    maybe they're chloe? anyone?
  4. chloe?
  5. thats what I was thinking.... anyone know the season?
  6. these are chloe: maybe it's these in black?

  7. I don't think they are. if you look at the picture of Bosworth the hardware is in a different style and they are in patent leather with no studs. I really appreciate all of your help though Joke : )
  8. maybe they are Maison Martin Margiela?
  9. anyone?
  10. They are Chloe... just like the red ones someone posted above. I saw them in LA this weekend and almost bought them.
  11. thanx pikeeygrl.... do they come in patent without studs or are my eyes deceiving me?
  12. Those boots look pointer that the Chloe ones. And the buckles look bigger as well.
  13. thats exactly what I was thinking KittyKat65!
    any ideas?
  14. I wish! I tried all my usual websites and I can't find them. I just know I have seen these before. If I remember where I have seen them at 4:00am, I will let you know (I do all my best thinking if I wake up in the middle of the night :P )
  15. lol. I know what you mean. Thanks so much for your help btw.