HELP!!!! I can't unlock my coffer!!!!!!!

  1. please don't think me a dummy!!! my coffer came from Net-A-Porter, and i am thrilled! problem is, i don't know how to unlock it. i put the key in, turned it and tried unlatching it, and i don't want to pull to heard and risk breaking the lock! can someone advise in full detail if there is a secret to it?
  2. yeah...i get it. the button unlatches it. do-do bird (me) finally figured it out. excitement clouds my cognitive skills.
  3. Hehe Don't feel bad!! I didn't know how to open mine at first either.. :shame:
  4. Francesca, not only am I not gonna think you're a dummy (why would I!? We're all friends here!), I'm gonna share a secret with ya. I can't walk and close my coffer at the same time. Whenever I open the large area, I have to stop and take a couple of seconds to find the little hole to click the clasp into! Maybe someday, I'll be able to walk and close it, but for now, I have to stop. So there, now you know my dirty, little secret!
  5. you are hilarious...i have had my beautiful bag since tuesday and i have been trying to lock it without looking! i don't want to look like that girl who spends significantly large amounts of money for quality...and then can't even "work" the bag! it's like a pair of 4inch jimmy choos that are stunning...and the girl wearing them can't even walk! the pockets on the outside of the coffer are aaaammmmmaaaaazzzziiiinnnnggggg! those i can "work" just fine! hah hah...i am picturing coffer owners all over the world stumbling around and stopping just to lock their bags.
  6. Oh Francesca, so I'm not the only one!!!!!!! LOL! The pockets on the outside, I leave open most of the time (...cos I can't close them without looking either:shame: ). I love that they're so big, but yesterday, I thought I lost my wallet. Thought I lost my keys once too. They'd fallen all the way down to the bottom. Yeah, I'm havin' loads of fun "working" my coffer!:hysteric: Nah, just kiddin'. I'm lovin' the heck outta this bag! :yahoo: Now, I can't wait to save up n' get a Spy so I can love the heck outta that too!:graucho:
  7. Hi, afraid I have the same problem - just received in the post and have unlocked but the catch doesn't seem to open when I slide the button. PLEASE help as want to take it away with me for christmas tomorrow!!! What's the secret????? Feel very silly..........:confused1:
  8. Hi Louise, I just stumbled across your post. It's a few days after Christmas. Maybe you're figured it out by now. If not, ya know the two buttons on the front? Just push them toward each other and that should do it. Have a great new year!