Help! I can't stop using my speedy!!!

  1. Ok - - - I know this is weird - but I cannot stop using my speedy. You have to understand, I used to change handbags about 3 times a day. Since I got my mono speedy 25 I can't use anything else. Don't get me wrong, I still buy other bags....but I just can't use them! Today I put my things into another bag (who shall remain nameless) and within 2 hours I raced home and threw everything back into my speedy and breathed a sigh of relief. I had missed her! What is wrong with me?? Will I ever want to use another bag again??:push:
  2. I know exactly what you mean! I bought two other nice (non-LV) bags just before I bought my Damier speedy. And ever since, I just can't switch. I love the other bags, and still think they're cute, but they just sit in the dust bags. What is it about speedy?
  3. one word: classic :smile:

  4. I know - the speedy has such a great shape and holds so much and just goes with everything! I have an addiction I swear.
  5. lol...:lol: You got it bad for that LV Speedy 25! Don't worry we won't tell anybody you prefer LV over the other *nameless* bag.:p
  6. Bagladie, did you end up taking your speedy on your trip last week?
  7. you hit the nail on the head! I feel very organized when I'm carrying my speedy. More pulled together and less schleppy.
  8. LOL... You are not alone! I also love my Speedy 30 and although it took me a week and a half to finally take her out. I've been using her nearly everyday since then! I Love it. I did purchase 2 very beautiful bags today from Nordstroms Rack that I adore and will use in the spring/summer. One is a beautiful Micheal Kors straw and leather Bag and another is a Laundry by Shelli Segal clutch. I will use these while on vacation too. I love fun and colorful bags.
  9. i totally understand! i have 2 speedies.. i try to rotate...but nothing feels right like the speedies do... i love that size, shape... yay for speedies!!!!!
  10. I have a speedy 35, but I tend to throw my stuff in my Freitag messenger bag (made from truck tarps, waterproof..) since always needing a hand to hold a bag kinda bothers me. I guess preferences...
  11. I use my speedy 30 a lot.
    I have lots of other bags, but none of them compare!
    So I know how you feel.
    My friends and I like to say things like "Oh, It's a speedy 30 day!"
    But now it's turning into.. "It's a speedy 30.. MONTH!"


  12. Yeppers I did and it was GREAT. It came in handy (no pun intended). :smile:
  13. I cannot use anything other than my speedy 30 either! nothing seems to compare. I got a new Balenciaga black city, a Chanel tote, even a LV Klara...amoung other LV pieces, and still I've used each one like twice. These days 90% of the time I'm sporting my speedy! (Wish I had had this fulfilling feeling before I spent all the money on the!)
  14. I totally agree with you, I just ADORE my speedy. I, too, race home to change back bags if I need to use something else for the day. I am such a dork.
  15. I can TOTALLY relate to this thread! OMG!! I cannot for the life of me use a different bag besides 1 of my Speedies. Speedies seem to "own" me! :yes:

    I took out my BH a few wkends ago, and as soon as I got home everything went back into my (newest Speedy) Azur 30. :love:

    Lately, I cannot even change from my Azur to another Speedy. I've used my Azur everyday since I got it (Feb. 14) except for 4 days. (2 days was because it rained, the other 2...I used my Red Epi Speedy, then my BH like I was saying earlier..) Before my Azur...I was obsessed with my ML for a month and a half.:p

    There's just something about the Speedy I guess...:sweatdrop: :heart: