Help! I can't stop buying Trasporto!

  1. I already have 5 pieces - Stellina, Cucciolo, Dolce, Denaro, Portatelfono. And now I'm thinking about a Gioco.

    I think I'm going crazy. But I love this print because I love travelling and with everyone transporting, I think they're perfect travel bags. And since I started Toki late, I know that if you wait until they're gone, you pay a premium to get older prints.

    So half of me thinks "OK, I've already got too much Trasporto" and the other half of me thinks "Well if you want it, you better get it now before the prices go up"

  2. Then that means you should get what you can now, cause you're right.. later the prices will go up! LOL.. plus you LOVE It!!! =) So that's justifiable enough for me!!! LOL
  3. I, too, got into the Tokidoki game relatively late. But I say remember, there are other prints out there, still in stores. So, if you're paying retail, you could get the Famiglia or the Tutti and spread out your prints.

    But the Transporto is starting to grow on me. It's nice and dark, but with cute characters, so I don't mind getting it a little dirty because it won't show as much. I think I just talked myself into getting a Transporto Zucca...this is dangerous stuff! I'm on a ban!!! :banned:

    Also, there's that last print that's coming out. Definitely save your money and get at least one in that print! I love it already, and I haven't even seen it IRL! :tender:
  4. I just got my Trasporto and I can't stop staring at it! I was at Bloomies Old Orchard and they have a great Gioco you might want. I think Trasporto is my favorite print!
  5. It's a super cute print.. there's nothing wrong with that ! :graucho:

    I really want to get at least one item, but it hasn't found its way up to Canada yet !
  6. I think you should get the things you want now if you really love this print. If you wait too long there will be nothing left or nothing with the things you want on them.

    I'm enabling you cuz I love Trasporto too!!! LOL!
  7. Absolutely nothing wrong in collecting everything in one print as long as you like it and knows that you might not be able to get them again @ the prices they are at now.
  8. Pinkpeony: I love your L'Amore collection! I use my L'Amore Gioco most, and I get a lot of compliments from it. you must get tonnes of compliments! Was it difficult to get all of them? Must have cost you a bomb but its just too cute!

    Queenlouis: I love trasporto too, it has really grown on me, so I think it is perfectly OK for you to have a big collection if you love the print. Best get them while you can!
  9. i thought the prices might go down... because what's left over will be sent to the outlets. But I don't know. lol.
  10. Well you guys are no help at all... to my wallet! :boxing:

    I suppose I can keep the tags on until I actually use it, with the thought that I can still return it or maybe finally sell something on eBay. Woah is me. I have no control when it comes to Toki.
  11. Buy buy buy if you luv it! Life is too short to save $$. What would you do with all your $ after you're gone? Nothin. :smile:
  12. I'm a huge Trasporto fan, too! I understand the need to collect!
  13. i don't mean to be mean, but i don't really understand what the point is of having many bags of a single print
    i can understand maybe two bags (if they were vastly different... for example: a stellina and a zucca)

    but especially since trasporto is so small -- it seems really redundant
  14. on the other hand though, if you're gonna buy a lot in trasporto,
    you'd be better off doing it now for retail prices rather than later at obscure eBay prices
  15. i feel that way too. i think one of each bag type is enough.. rather than having a stellina, campeggio and cucciolo or a ciao and a ciao ciao.

    i especially don't like this print on the bigger sizes.. i'm content enough having it on a denaro :p but to each his/her own. if i could, i would want multiple styles of foresta, tan pg, l'amore, and citta rosa because those are my faves. :smile: