HeLp, I cAn'T mAkE uP mY mInD!!!!


which carly do you like better?

  1. slim carly

  2. large carly

  3. who cares, they look the same!!

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  1. as you can see from the title, I'm going crazy over here. SO DH took me to Coach for the last day of the PCE and I was determined to find a sorta white purse. Now this is what I decided on...........

    the large carly in khaki/angora and they just happened to have one in the store and it's the only one left in the company (called 888 to confirm), so I buy it for myself compliments of DH! hehe.............Then I get to thinking that maybe I should get the slim carly instead in the parchment (damnit - why do I have to think!). SO then I call my SA and order the slim to be sent to my house. Well I get it today and I still can't make up my mind...........I THINK I AM LOSING IT!!

    So opinions would be very helpful from you all.......PLEASE!! :hysteric:

    I know it's hard to tell but I took pics and they are so close it's hard to decide, LMK what you guys think:

  2. i purse-onally love the slim carly ! :smile:
  3. I Can't See Anyt Difference From This Angle.
  4. slim looks better, large looks a bit too long imho
  5. I think the slim Carly is more complimentary.
  6. i think it depends on how large and slouchy you want it.. the slim still looks structured, where as the large one is still slouchy.... personally i like the large, nut the slim carly looks more put together.. i guess for lack of a better word.... it just depends on what you prefer!
  7. I like how the slim carly looks on you. If it's big enough for your stuff, I'd go with it!
  8. I like the slim much more than the large. The large looks to big and the slim seems just perfect on you!
  9. I like them both, it looks like you are tall enough to pull off the large Carly though. I really like the look of it--I love slouchy bags! I guess it depends which is more comfy to carry?
  10. Hmm I think I'm gonna have to agree with mostly everyone else, I like the slim carly better.
  11. I say slim carly.
  12. I think the slim is more flattering.
  13. If the slim has enough room for you, that one totally gets my vote :tup:
  14. I'm liking the slim carly b/c it looks "neater". the large looks a bit too big on your frame and so it looks "messy". Hard to describe, i hope you know what i mean.
    Thanks for posting the side by side photo so that we CAN see them next to one another.
    I'd think about it awhile though since the large is the last one in the system.
  15. I like the slim carly better. IMO the large carly looks too big on you while the slim is just the perfect size.