HELP!! I can't make up my mind!!

  1. Okay, so I work at a motorcycle shop and I do a lot of work thats really rough my hands. (I don'tfix the bikes, I'm the manager there.) I'm always getting parts, touching oil, getting my hands dirty and nails (which are real. And really super long) nasty and chipped. So I came across with a huge problem. I feel like one day I'm going to just look down at my hands and see my diamond missing from my engagement ring. I know my fiance would be pissed if he knew I had lost it, esp. at work when I could just not wear it there. BUT I want to wear it. I'm so proud of being his fiance, and PLUS I don't want guys hitting on me and being inappropriate so the ring on my finger really helps. So, in place of my real engagement ring I wanted to purchase a CZ ring to wear around at work because if I lose it, its cheap to replace. (my real diamond engagement ring has so much sentimental value, I really would just hate to lose it!) I decided to try and go with QVC because if the stone comes out of the setting they replace it for you. I settled on this ring because the picture was breathe taking. But the carrot size is just HUGE! (My engagement is only 1 ct! But its colorless and beautiful! Plus my hands are small, I'm about a size 4.5)The center stone is 2 ct. and the total is 2.9 carrots I believe. Do you think it's too big of stones for my tiny hands? And also, once I've never had a stone that big, I was wondering if anyone knew how realistic it looks to a real diamond of that size. Does Dimonique brand CZ look totally fake? I've heard good reviews, and I'm just hoping their quality is good. I don't wanna be going around with a gauky plastic thing on my finger.

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I think the larger the cz is, the less real it tends to look. I've bought diamonique from QVC in the past when I was trying out a look before buying the real thing.
    Have you considered getting an eternity style band of diamonique? It might look more believable and lay flat on your finger so it wouldn't be bumping into things all the time.
  3. sorry i totally forgot to add the pictures of the ring i had gotten. yah, i thought of getting an eternity band, maybe if this doesnt work out ill get it?
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  4. did the QVC ring u got work out well? did it look realistic?
  5. The qvc ring that I purchased was a 14k eternity band. I think it had 20 something stones that equalled 1.80 carats, so it was pretty believable.
    The nice thing about qvc is that you can always return something within 30 days and get a refund!
  6. if u have the time can u check out that ring on qvc for me and tell me ur opinion?? thanks!
  7. I think it will look real because the setting seems pretty ornate and well done.

    Keep in mind that when dirty even a real diamond looks disappointing, so you will have to pay attension to all that oil getting on the ring!!!!!

    The main giveaway for a cz is a cheap setting. Another thing is that people assume something is real unless there are huge red flags waving to suggest otherwise!!!!! And even then, people can be fooled either way. eg I have a friend who does her makeup like she cant see boundaries, wears really cheap copy bags and junk rings and amoungst the crap is a magnificent diamond ring so big it looks like it has to be fake...its over 4 carat and pretty flawless!!!

    So enjot your new ring, Im sure you will pull it off!!! LOL And if you dont feel like it is working the $ back guarantee sounds very reassuring!!!

  8. haha, wow 4 carrots! geez! so in ur opinion a 2.9 carrot ring doesnt look too big on my tiny size 4-5 finger!? and whats ur opinion on QVC's quality? aside from the setting looking realistic (this is held with 6 prongs which is awsome!) do u think the cz looks real??
  9. To be truthful, I really dont know that brand. I get confused myself at what looks real and what doesnt. My family are in jewellery and my dh swears that the ave. person can easily be fooled if the wearer looks like they could afford the diamond. At one time, I was wearing this 2 c. glass ring and I had forgot I had it on. Wow, if I had a dollar for every compliment I recieved on that piece of glass....not even cz....and from complete strangers???? It doesnt even make sense to me. Anyway, I have since come to the conclusion that people see what they want to see.

    Once I went to a jewellery fair with my dh and I was in heaven with all the thousands of diamonds on display. Duh....did I get a shock when my dh informed me they were mostly cz for display only!!!!!! I had been druling over cvs!!!!!

    Over at Pricescope, where the standard of diamond knowledge is very high, even the diamond appraisers admit that a well made cz is very hard to tell, if not impossible in every day wear. It is a good substitute, and one that is very popular.

    Of all the cz well made jewellery that has been made over the last 30 plus years, I cant say that I have ever spotted anyone wearing it. (Not including the giant costume jewellery that is for fun). So either no one is wearing it or it is impossible to tell!

    Lately when I was shopping, I went into this CZ shop for fun. There was this gorgeous glamerous model there with lots of Tiffany jewellery on. She had 2 etenity bands and a giant solitaire on as well, all from the shop. She told me that she gets millions of compliments and always says....its from my grandmother!!!! On her it did look real because she was so glamerous looking.

    My friend as I have told, looks like she doesnt have 2 bucks to get a haircut. Her ring doesnt even fit her tiny finger and it rolls around. It looks like it could be plastic like her other costume jewellery..... life is so funny!!!!

    But anyway, back to you......if you are in doubt, you do have the 30 day $ back option. I think you can do it !!!
  10. I think the ring you selected is very pretty. I think you will just have to try it and see how you feel about it.
  11. so i got the ring. and i thinks is BEAUITFUL! maybe too big cause im not used to it. my bestfriend thought it was real. LMAO. we were laughing how much i saved! lol. ill post pics so if you can kindly give me your opinions. :] thanks ladies! you are theeee best!!