Help-I can't make up my mind, Black on Black Paddy Shopper

  1. I bought the open top shopper from Nordies at 60% off and I'm not sure whether I love it enough to keep it- I'm afraid I'd just be keeping it because it was a great deal (it was $800 after taxes) I already have a navy paddy w/silver hardware which I love. I need advice and would appreciate your opinions. thanks in advance :s
  2. sparkledust,
    Do you have this style already? Would it be a bag you would use often?
    I love the Black on Black, but the black lock does chip, would this bother you?
    The price is a steal, as long as you use it!
  3. I think the idea of the black lock chipping is whats making me worried about keeping it.
  4. yep the black lock chips like crazy. if you would mind some chipping, then don't keep it.
  5. I'd love to see a pic if you get a chance....
  6. Hi Chodessa-

    Here are pics of the bag, the photos arent that great- it's sort of difficult to photograph a black bag.:shrugs:


  7. Does the lock clunk onto the table or wherever you set the back when you put it down? And how big is that bag? I saw it today online somewhere on sale... who can remember where? I'm looking for a BIG Paddy, but not sure if I like the black-on-black and the position of the lock.
  8. It is 12 in wide and 12 in tall, it does clink a bit but I sit it down softly and the lock doesn't really crash into anything, I haven't had any chipping on the lock yet. The leather is just slightly metallic, you can only tell out in the sun or if hold it up to plain black leather. It's actually pretty handy when you're out shopping- you can just reach in and get your wallet, or keys, you don't have to unzip and move the lock everytime you open it.
    Do you remember what the sale price was? It's still full price at Saks and at NM online $1900
  9. If you are looking for this bag.........I actually bought this bag at Neiman's first markdown in Dec., it was orig. $1800, marked down to $1080, and as I was calling last week to the Nordstom's on the west coast, looking for a Silverado on sale, a couple of stores I called had this tote bag for $700+, don't remember the exact amount, but it was under $800, and of course, don't remember which store, but if you just randomly call one, have the SA do a search, and you might score one. I dealt with Amy at 714-529-0123, she found a beautiful Silverado, reg. $1900 for a little over $600. She's very helpful and she will work to locate one for you. I think that's about the best price you'll find, as Nordstroms are finishing their sales, they were actually going into the stock room looking because the bags had already been put back.
  10. Thanks llson! I'm in So Cal and I love Paddies, so I'll be calling Amy tomorrow to see if she can find me something! Do you remember what other stores you called?

    Hooray! (fingers crossed)
  11. That's right Nordstrom had it for $719 and after taxes it was around
  12. No matter what a great deal you got on it, if you don't love it you probably won't carry it as much as if you saved that money towards something you had to have.

    I bought a black tooled Bayswater just because it was on sale and I never fell in love with, ultimately parted with it.
  13. I agree with hmwe46. I like it, but I don't love it so I am letting it go so that it can be loved. You're getting a great deal, but if you know you won't use it much, is it really a deal after all?