help!! I can't make a decision (silly I know)

  1. ok - I'm now resorting to coming here for a little help in my decision making. I just received on Monday both the dark silver reissue (228) and dark green reissue ( 227). They are similar in color and I really like both of them:love: so -yikes- I don't know what to do:confused1: . My daughter's telling me they're 2 different colors and to just keep both - but she's not paying the bills. lol. I'm kind of afraid that if I send one back I'll regret it - you know? This probably seems really silly- but I'm just so confused and thought ya'll might could help with a little insight. Please.
  2. Sounds like you really want them both. Unless it is going to put you over the top in debt, I would keep them both.
  3. Hmm, tough call. :sweatdrop: I just received the dark green (completely misnamed IMO) 226 reissue, and while it's gorgeous, I'm a bit on the fence about it because it's not really all that green haha. :p That said, I have the dark silver reissue too, but last years version, which is more bronzey gold... side by side, the two are different, but IMO, this years dark silver (the one you have, which is more pewter) is very similar to the green. :heart:

    I guess if you think they are different enough, keep them, but I probably wouldn't. :smile: The fact that your reissues are different sizes is a good thing too. :smile: When I stood ten feet away from the mirror, it almost looked as if I was carrying this years dark silver reissue haha :nuts:... I think the green stitching helps the green reissue to look greener, but the green is still very subtle (almost to the point of being nonexistent). :nuts: Good luck deciding, and it's your opinion that counts the most! ;)
  4. If I were the one having to make the decision, I would keep the green.
  5. I think I will keep the green :smile: and I like the size 227 more than 228.
  6. Yeah, keep both if you can afford it. If not, I would go with the green.:rolleyes:
  7. Can you show us some pics side by side??
  8. I like dark silver a lot. I like the 228 size. I would just keep one if they are so similar. If you want another, then maybe get a black w/ gold or red w/ gold or something else totally different.
  9. thanks for your opinions, ya'll
  10. Could you post the 2 next to each other? I need to make up my mind between the 227 and the 228. I am never at a store that has both.

  11. i actually would keep the green.
    i like the 227 plus it can be looked as both silver AND green so 2 in one combo!
  12. Remember there's more purses coming for pre-fall, fall/winter. There, does that help? I thought not.
  13. I think 228 is too big to have in dark silver.. just my preference, though. That's why I would keep the 227 dark green if I were you.
  14. If you CAN afford to do it, perhaps keep both, since they are different colors and sizes, and you don't want to regret it if they don't ever come out w/ these colors again. -Maybe just limit yourself and hold off on other Chanel purchases in the near future?

    However, if you have to keep just one, perhaps the green? I see Dark Silver being re-issued in the future (perhaps just a different shade, and since its also been out for a couple of seasons)

    ALSO, I have a feeling the Green Metallic is harder to find, so if you end up regretting letting go of the Dark Silver, you might have a better chance in tracking it down at a later time, or finding one on eBay.

    On an added note: IMHO, I personally don't mind the Dark Silver in 228 size. I think I like the "flash" of the metallic and am a sucker for big bags, so it's like a 2 for one deal. :smile: But everyone has varying preferences, in the end you should do what feels right for YOU! Good luck!
  15. if possible, keep both! :smile:

    otherwise, i would personally keep the one you would use more. if you will use both equally, then i would keep the one that will be harder to find/get. you can always pick up the other one later!

    good luck! :flowers: