Help I cant figure out this Turnlock bags name

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  1. do a search for Totaly Turnlock hobo or something in the MJ forum.. you'll find a few threads that talk about it
  2. Is this bag you're looking for?

    I've recently bought one in carbon blue colour through Ebay, but I've never used it! It still has tags attached!

    It was never worn, because I've bought another MBMJ bag (a big one) in blue colour, too! (not exactly the same carbon blue, but a very similar blue colour!)

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  3. ^^ Welcome to tpf, debora. ;) If you're offering to sell your bag, that isn't allowed on this forum.
  4. ^^Not to mention that this is another thread where the OP has been banned.
  5. good point. ;)
  6. Sorry! I didn't mean it!

    I'll be carefull next time!

    Thanks fot the advice!