Help I cant figure out this Turnlock bags name

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  1. I saw a bag yesterdat night its a hobo like bag with a turnlock in the front a tiny one like the ones on the teri and it had rings on each sides.. i saw a girl posted a picture with it a while ago and it was black she was wearing a coat with it and it was in one of those forums here that said POST YOUR MARC BAGS ok thanks
  2. The heidi maybe? It looks really slouchy IRL when it's not full of stuffing.
  3. If you post it in NAME THAT MJ BAG thread on the top of the page I'm sure people can help you there
  4. it looks a lot like the heidi but its smaller and looks like a banana shape like this but marc by marc jacobs

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  5. I think I saw one on eBay in red a while back!
    I've only seen it that once on eBay - I'm not sure what the official name is. An old ''Turnlock Hobo'' perhaps?
  6. I think I saw that bag on ebay a few days ago, i made a bid and for some reasons i don't know the auction was ended!!! if i see it back, i will let you know.
  7. but you dont know the name of it though?
  8. its from 2006 i know that
  9. ok here is a HORRIBLE drawing i did hahaha on my paint. This is what it looks like. it has one turnlock on the front looks banana shaped maybe from 2006 collection. has 2 rings on each side. i saw it last night and i want it. it looked so cute. it has the same handle like the bowler one does the same look but one handle. what colors did this come in and why cant i find it on ebay... thanks

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  10. It's the totally turnlock hobo. bloomingdales in SF, CA has a couple. I cant remember the colors but I'll check for you later today
  11. yayaya thank you so much yeah i would like a pretty green but we will see.. thanks
  12. does anyone own it? i would like to see what it looks like on. Jen if you go today and see it let me know how it looks on is it big? or a good size? thanks girl
  13. no pretty green :sad: they had black, the tan color, and an ivory.

    Hmm... imo i think it's one of the smaller bags in the turnlock line (in regards to what it holds), i would say it holds less than the luxy marissa (you have that right?). it's about the same width as the marissa and 2/3 the height of the marissa. a little bit thinner too.

    i'll see if i can sneak some pics for you tomorrow!
  14. yes! thanks i would probably want it in tan or the ivory color... i really want it. do you think any stores in los angeles carry it? i havent seen it on ebay at all or online... thanks
  15. Sorry Amy, I didnt go back to Bloomingdales on Saturday but if it's there this Thursday, I'll take some for you.

    I dont know if any stores in LA has it. Maybe call Bloomies?