Help! I can't decide!

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  1. Hello. This is my first time buying valentino shoes, and I need you guys opinion.

    I bought a pair of kitten heels in Native Couture collection. I ordered the green one, but farfetch sent me this orange one instead. :sad: And because it was on sale, when I was going to exchange, the pair I want isn't there anymore.

    So my choice now is to keep this, or just return and buy a new pair. The size is perfect, but I think this colour is too bright that it doesn't compliment my skin tone.

    What do you guys think? Should I keep this or not?

  2. I don't think the photo uploaded correctly? I don't see it...
  3. [GALLERY=media, 88]Image by Jjumnunja posted Jul 9, 2016 at 12:30 AM[/GALLERY]

    Here it is!
  4. Return, not flattering, even on sale
  5. Agreed, I saw those on sale at all the dept stores and they are still available (sale has been going on awhile now!)... No one is picking them up. I would rather pay more $ and get a classic/neutral that you'll wear more and can be worn for multiple seasons.