Help!!! I can't decide

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  1. Please vote. I can't decide between these three.

    LV Mews
    Prada cuir
    Chanel wallet on chain.
  2. Depending on what you need. They are kind of different in term of sizes. If you need big bag, i vote for prada :smile: Chanel WOC is also nice but its very small and can only hold your essential.
  3. Chanel wallet on chain.

    As a tote/Prada cuir looking I love the neverfull style more. I feel I can entrust it with more weight and use it the way I really needed. Laptop, magazine, water bottle, scarf, wallet, shopping loots....

    LV mews is cute, but I prefer the speedy b. It is easier to be packed flat, more versatile, and the shape is more classic.

    The Chanel woc is something you can pack away easily, use it as a wallet in other handbags, or use it as a crossbody. In the case where you have no time to change ur wallet, it can be use as a evening bag and a wallet during day time. This is gonna be a piece that last you a long time in my opinion ....
  4. LV mews! I don't find the other two styles as good looking as the mews. Especially the Chanel woc, that is not even a purse.
  5. Wallet on Chain for me!
  6. Another vote for the WOC!